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New Year’s blog, resolution date 140130:21

Daemn! One of my resolutions was to blog more, but January was a busy month trying to finish loose ends and make plans for the month/ season/ year. I didn’t even get to write about what I accomplished in 2013- and it was a lot! And it was a year that was actually difficult for me to let go because I got back into my stride on living life.

So much has been going on, I’m going to split off to what may be a minor tangent or an indefinite recurring theme. I have been comparing music/ songs/ albums to movies a lot lately.

A movie can be dated, get stale, get old, even it’s period-ness can be cringe worthy.

But music, it IS the same thing each time you hear it, but people hear one song thousands of times in their life and even develop an aversion to listening to a live version of it with the frailty of original band members.

I have been watching so many movies, I want to trade something for an elliptical to replace my bike ride exercise. I happen to live in a high bicycle accident and theft area. I never want to lock my bike up anywhere and I drive on the sidewalk. I’d rather deal with pedestrians bitching than cars barreling towards me.

Over and over, I read about how the millenials have little if at all any ambition to get a drivers’ license or a vehicle. I think cell phones ruined that. Why buy an expensive car when someone checking a text can plow into it at any moment? It’s why I hope we NEVER have flying cars. People are not ready for it. Imagine drunk driver plowing their hover car into the roof of your house!

In December, I rented kid’s movies and I continued that thru January. It doesn’t help to try to cut back on dvd checkouts when the library got their January budget and now I have rented many, many kids films that don’t have any scratches on them. Kid’s films have been traditionally the most abused discs. I spend more time repairing and cleaning them so they don’t mess up my player.

It seems to me that I like movies previous to this era in what I can only describe as Pre 9/11 Clinton era. Film makers had a different tone before all the terrorism darkness themes. Movies weren’t overdone with cgi. Action scenes weren’t so fast and farfetched that they lost my interest within the length of a commercial.

Also, I have been watching more animal documentaries. Even though they fall to the reality show syndrome of engineered plot lines, I still watch them. There’s a lot to learn from animals, from their family units, to their “tribes,” as well as their hunter/ prey relationship with other species. It shows me how people are different or in ways corrupted. At least humans for the most part don’t eat their young.

For Feb, I want to watch a lot of chick flicks, from rom coms to princesses, to action girl films. All of them. I imagine I will groan a lot, see all the bad messages I’ve read about princesses.

I allowed myself to have a library vice, but I got my first warning I’ve been over doing it by the only thing that can: the library computer that says I maxed out my allotment of checkouts.


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