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Guns don’t kill people…


… people stockpiling guns and ammo kill people.

I have plenty to say about this topic and I don’t even have kids.

People that go into a gun store should go thru more shit to complete a transaction than people do at an airport.

That massacre happened in a school “because god wasn’t there?” 1) Isn’t god supposed to be everywhere? 2) you can still wear your crosses and talk about your religion at school. 3) I agree, where was god when all those kids were getting molested in church? Oh, god’s way. god works in “mysterious ways.” What a bunch of cop out enabler bullshit.

The second amendment was drafted when muskets were the hot item. Let everyone own a musket, when it takes 15 minutes to load one of those bitches, maybe you’ll think more about each shot your taking.

Semi and automatic guns, anything with a speed clip was NOT designed for hunting game, they’re for hunting people. You can stockpile ammo online and have that shit mailed to you, but you can’t have alcohol shipped to your house?

If you own more than 2 guns or any semi autos, government needs to have a big fucking file on you. You need to be on the alert list when you fly. You neighbors need to know about it, just like you have to register rapists in your neighborhood. Put a fucking sign on your lawn.

If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them. YYYYY EEEEE SSSSS, THAT is the FUCKING POINT. It would let you know the biggest reason why a cop would draw their weapons.

Of course, when I look at the articles on my news feeds about gun laws and laws that protect children, certain familiar states have a higher correlation of guns, massacres and nra members. And of course, after the election I learned that these are states I will never even visit, let alone live in. And I have been shopping, state by state, down to county where I want to eventually move.

I already paid off my credit card. 2013 is the year I’m going to move and I have to make sure I don’t compromise and move on my terms, better paying job, no annoying roommates or neighbors and a public transportation artery so I don’t have to deal with owning a money pit on wheels. This is a miracle I have to maintain. It’s the biggest shit that has ruled my life for the past decade.

We need legislation and congress and house are just a bunch of fucking do nothings that also need to be paid minimum wage and social security for retirement. And wait at redicare for over 4 hours when you’re bleeding to death.

No one wants to talk about it, just light candles, say prayers “you’re in my thoughts. Oh, don’t talk about it, whatever you do. Oh, it’s never the right time. It fuckin’ pisses me off. I want to sign petitions, let me know where I can bring my sign rally. Let me sign something and vote on restriction legislation. DO something besides all that do nothing until the next massacre shit.

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Writer’s Blog: bardate 66153.04

Writing is about one of the last things I have that is all mine. Sometimes I question whether or not I’m a control freak. I think I put up with a lot, I “give up” too much control until I’m backed into a corner, and that is something I have to work on. Western tv/ film influence calls the reaction taking a stand. However the reaction I see is different when I am put in a situation to speak up. It turns into what’s called a Larry David moment.

I have in the past I come out fighting after taking so many daily indignities, be it work or noticeably holiday customs/ business/ politics that bring up the same irritating questions every year. I’ve noticed “thick skin” or “going with the flow” seems to mean get back to your cubicle and shut up, sheep.

There are people I see with blogs that also do their own thing. They make money off them and I have to pay attention to all that crap in the sides, headers and footers to see who may be giving a cut to the content in the middle. I’m fascinated by some of these bloggers/ vloggers. They do great consistent work and have a following.

I think my big blog following was on MySpace until they fucked it up. I tried a couple of other web communities with mixed results. I came to word press because I researched blog communities that have been around a long time and you could follow, comment and connect to other bloggers. And at some point I could eventually transfer it to my own domain.

It’s tough writing a book, that has turned into outlines of 6-8 others that can run either in tandem or sequence. There’s a lot of privacy to a point, so our shit doesn’t get ripped off. But you do have to put some “A” material out there to test reaction like a stand up comedian trying out riffs, making sure the narrative/ language works. I sit on a lot of things I’m proud of for hopefully a pay off later, to allow me to continue doing this thing that allows me to be my own boss.

DVD commentaries about movie/ tv production and the lives of writers? Yeah, I‘m a whore for that stuff. Writers’ block hasn’t been one of my problems, I have binders and stacks of notes. Hoarding is my problem and I spend a lot of time whittling down now to just what “will make an income” at the end of the day.

There’s a list I have of all the things I want to do and am chipping away at now. It seems that I can “launch” a bunch of things when I get an income. I do go out there and walk around without much to my name. Confidence is a heavier weight for me to carry without a job.

Never before have I had so much time to realize confidence isn’t just the image I have of myself, it’s a lot of carrying the weight of supporters. It’s hard to believe whether or not I care what naysayers think is controlled by a bit ion my brain that is either switched to 1 or 0.

I was often put into positions of responsibility or leading with whatever random group of people I’m with. Now, I struggle with letting problems go instead of owning every damn thing. I try to ration now by what I’m getting paid to do. It’s been freeing.

I’ve been writing every week about my early years of discovering Vegas. Problems are not only laughable, I seek out the best ones. I think what separates men from women is that we men will do a lot of shit just for the story.

When I write, I can bend time and space, since my day-to-day isn’t much fun. I can talk to people I can’t talk to now, I am filled with so much pride, or embarrassment. Or shit, right? I can see and bring people back when they were at their best. And I as well.

For a few months now, I’ve been restless. I’m ready to go out there and live life, something besides trying to find an employer to accept me. I’m so tired of seeing events go by without being able to join in.

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