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If I got the handshake

Writer’s blog, bardate 66237.33

I was originally going to write about my theories on how we’re all conditioned to think everyone else is an asshole. Then…

Last night in an experiment, I left the station on that I stream, it’s a country station in Las Vegas specifically, 102.7FM Coyote.

I don’t know if you like country, so hang in there for a paragraph if you don’t. This station plays at one of my favorite places in Vegas. It also reminds me that Vegas was a frontier town, every casino used to have it as a theme I’d say until the 80’s. Seems like Sam’s town and Silverton were the last larger casinos built to continue the theme. There’s a local country station I tried listening to, but somehow, they play all the slow, depressing and random songs, another mp3 on random station. Seems like there are DJ’s at Coyote that actually care about the flow of mood and rhythms of songs, actual transitions.

So last night, I left it on when I tried to sleep. I had one of the best dreams I’d had in a long time, with the music involved. I was happy, I was having fun. I was laughing. And what usually prevents me from doing this is worrying about finding a job and having money. My dream felt like I didn’t have to worry about it. Not only that, but not worry about other problems I had when I was working. It was a rare mood I remember when I felt that home living was good, not with horrific roommates. Country sneaks up behind me and makes me feel love, I can’t explain it. But it’s about damn time something did besides my cat.

Aside from the lottery list, I have another list of goals “the way things are going,” with little/ no income. It’s basically like walking from the bay area to Florida. I bet I’d feel more progress than what I’ve been stuck doing the past couple of years. I have 5000x better thought capacity of everything I’ve read, but like college, it’s book smarts. I want to work my ass off, come home sweaty and sore and put money away into savings.

So the middle is the “if I had a job” list that I also maintain. There are few things that keep the pilot light of my hopes going, so let me feel like my income is at least in second gear for this blog, please? It’ll keep me from a negative blog.

First, I imagine I’d have to save up for a good week of whatever uniform for a week’s supply. If I serve, I’d need to start saving singles and coin for my shift “bank.”

The first way I’d treat myself is to load up on groceries and everything I’ve let run out that I need, the one time purchases. Every job I got, I started off by buying a new pair of work shoes. If I went bogo, I’d buy a new pair of street shoes, too. My shoes are so damn worn out. My dancing shoes sit there waiting to go back to Vegas. I never use my trainers (sneakers?) cause I always wear slacks when I go out to look for work, or even not so I always look ready to work and not a laundry day frat slob.

Then I’d pay off my 1 credit card. I imagine it would be easy, the balance has hovered under it’s max for a year now (under $750.) I’d dump everything I made to pay that off quick. Even at minimum wage, I could get ‘er done in 3 months, less if I served.

I want to try and get a night job just so I don’t have to get up at 4:00AM for public transit. The last thing I need is to lose a job after this long a dry spell because I’m not a morning person or someone that’s gotten 8 hour session of sleep in years.

If I can pull that, I want to then take a truck driving class in the mornings to get my class A license. It would be a bitch to get to, especially if I worked. Time zips by at a bus stop or walking, even a bicycle. I can’t blow the class or a job, or both being late.

It’s always been dangerous, even more so with the rains and idiots cell phones, but I’d consider buying a scooter to get me thru this period. Anything larger and the gas, maintenance and insurance expenses, would slow plans down.

With a class A license dreams start hauling ass. I could look for a tow truck driving job and start to make bank and it seems like easy overtime from the start.

Then I’d save up for a van most likely. Then I could sell shit at the flea market. Of course I’d have to have a weekend day off to consider that. Yeah, I hear the laughter.

There’s a lot of difficult things, stuff I’ve never been able to coordinate before, each job sucks up all your time to do anything else. That’s how they trap you from leaving.

But it’s all that keeps me applying, at least to get me to credit card paid off level.

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What do you do with a winning lottery ticket?

Writer’s blog, bar date 66215.58

Things are still down financially for me. And against my better judgement, I plunk down a little for the lottery every week if not twice a week, like the starving mother of 3 puts in the last of her pocket change in that basket during the Sun morning sermon.

I know a list of why this is wrong, but the reason I do do it (huh huh) is for the following:

1) I lived in Vegas. I’m used to a certain amount of gambling. In a casino, I’m used to getting a few free rounds of beer on the copper mines (penny machines) the cocktailers hate like the plague. Tip one well and in advance, the more likely you’ll see her again before you dust that beer. I’d go thru weeks where people won around me and it drove me nuts, but I didn’t play. Everyone has dreams of hitting a royal or Megabucks in Vegas. In fact, I only play lottery in $3 increments, as a tribute to putting 3 credits in for max payout Megabucks. “Play” is a warm, fuzzy word Vegas uses to distract you from acknowledging you’re gambling your life savings and kid’s college money and mortgage money away.

2) I’m not greedy. I don’t have lofty dreams of winning the mega multi-billion interstates jackpot. My dreams lie within winning the “simple” $2k-$12k range. Enough to get my one credit card and the fridge stocked with some job searching money thrown in.

3) Relating to that, I play the state lottery, especially when the commercials build the frenzy of the growing interstate mega jackpot. Sometimes I’m hesitant to give secrets, but like in Vegas, there’s always some guy willing to tell you his system while we’re sitting at a bar at 2:00 in the afternoon on a weekday and not in a mansion getting banged by implant strippers. I’d rather win a small state lottery than share a huge jackpot with a few other people- how the hell did they get my numbers?

There’s more, but I’m already halfway thru my page, I’ll drop some of those wisdom gems later. I don’t have “extra” money every week, so it’s not like I’m grossly addicted, either. I haven’t even gotten into number picking & betting pace yet…

So, I win. I wrote a list of things I’d do like a lot of people do, but mine is very detailed from a legal standpoint. There’s a lawyer involved. I have a financial adviser, too, but after Bernie Madoff, I’ll likely ditch that part. I suppose this paragraph is for a huge jackpot, I’d spend some time figuring out how to invest it so I can live off dividends after taxes.

But more realistically, if I won a few thousand, I have a list of things I need to buy, “one timers.” I don’t want to buy anything that has a monthly payment. That’s where lottery/ jackpot winners/ celebrities screw up. They buy a mansion and are screwed w/ maintenance. Or gamblers blow it at the high end stores designed to do just that in Vegas. It’s like when the girl scouts hang out at ATMS. Hey, while you’re here with money…

There are some things I can’t build capital fast enough to do now in a category I’ll call synergy. Everything and most people increasing their income are a brand name. It’s why people blog and tweet and push their books, seminars and subscription services on everyone. I have a few free accounts now that I pick at, but don’t really contribute to. It goes back to confidence. Even when I have it in myself, it’s like carrying other people’s weight if I tried to tell them I’m okay, but not making money.

So I’d have some money so I could go around town and do things that would let me make some videos. I even need a starving college ramen budget to do that now, I think. That’s more shame. I go out and do free things and meet people and then it comes to “let’s go hang out at a bar” or go some place I can’t afford and new acquaintances go on without me and get too busy to call, ever.

Most importantly, I’d take a couple of classes I can’t afford right now, one is a trade school so I could get my class A license and be a tow driver. It’s one of the few truck driving jobs that could keep me in the town I live in. But I do know there’s repo work and accidents where there are basically dead people. I have had experiences like that, from a theme park I worked at. More recollections for later. (I’m very literal in not calling them stories, the shit happened.)

So, that’s what I’d do w/ a few thousand at least. If I won mega, I have an extended list that gets into longer term things. Maybe some other time. What would you do w/ $10K? (after taxes, of course)

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Why Community is the best show on NBC

Writer’s blog, bar date 66199.51

I just deleted 2 blog topics when I realized what week- nay what day it is.

One of the top 3 reasons you can get me to turn on the TV (that’s not to watch a DVD) is Community. I don’t even know where to begin.

I knew nothing about this show a year ago. It’s in it’s 3rd season. But on a random lark, seasons 1 was available at the library, so I checked it out. Luckily, they also had season 2 thereafter.

The creativeness really blew me away. The premise sounds incredibly boring, a study group at a community college. And it blasts the meaning of understated that each of these people in the group go thru amazing transformations, transcend beyond their perceived expectations and travel in so many worlds, it picks up the baton from the void left after Star Trek Next Generation & Voyager left off. This is all in a half hour show.

Since cable will never be an option and before I got cheap DSL at home, it was worth it to me last fall to watch each season 3 show by going to the library each week & watch it online.

Ratings suffered and twitter rumor suggested it was circling the drain. This came to a head when this spring schedule came out from the networks with the show missing entirely. There was a minor outrage on twitter from fans like me. Comparisons were made to all the other shows cut before their prime like Arrested Development (coming back), Firefly (came out w/ a movie). What’s your fave show cut early?

And I don’t just complain about my little tv show. I’ve protested w/ 99% against the banks and wall st. (you may have noticed I don’t capitalize things I don’t respect for the most part) I watch PBS news when most are watching TV personality gossip shows (I never refer to them as stars or celebrities). I volunteered at the food bank and Thanksgiving kitchen. So I am active in my own… Community.

As a tv show, it also does a lot of cool things that I liked about other shows. They highlight their B-team characters. They don’t just sit at the study group table and whine. Again, like Star Trek, it’s like a bridge they meet at to plan things when they go out on Away Team missions. Each new class they have is an interesting sub culture with more radical characters of instructors.

This has to be the most interesting community college in the country. I like shows where the main property has all kinds of different departments affecting the run of the whole. It’s a campus, but they don’t go overboard with 5,000 characters. I don’t think Lost fans could really keep up with all those characters for “an island.”

It’s like Twilight zone. It explores each of the character’s wants, but gives them incredible temptations and personal jackpot kinda tastes of an extreme. There are a lot of shows that plunge into genres. And true to each, the study group plugs into genre stereotypical characters in each environment from westerns, to politics, to even time traveling parallel universe stories.

And I could go into each character, but something that hit me was that I could relate to all but a couple of the characters in some major way (sans Dean and Shirley). And even Shirley is starting to reveal there are things in her past that she devotes her life to making up for. Each character seemed pretty stereotypical from the beginning of the series. To me that lasted about 4 shows and things really snowballed in unpredictable directions.

That was something I loved most of all. Most tv shows, you tune in and the same characters are sitting in the same living room snarking each other and it gets tired if they don’t have adventures out in all kinds of new places “out there,” not just a second “work set.”

Cop shows get old with the premise, but at least they get to go to new criminal environments. Star Treks had a new “planet hell” down the line. I could see why the network wouldn’t back an expensive location changing show, but I’m so damn sick of shaky docucam awkward pause humor. It’s tired.

There are so many comedians I love and can’t stand on the shows that don’t show how funny they are: Craig Robinson, Whitney Cummings, I could go on.

Big Bang is on 5 nights a week, why don’t you watch Community on NBC Thursday at 8:00PM pacific? They have new catchphrases every week, John Hughes level character development, it’s just damn funny. #sixseasonsandamovie #greendale7

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Leap year, this month, I don’t want to be week

Writer’s Blog, bar date 66183.04

Bitch! I just realized my last blog’s topic traded paint with a too similar topic. I don’t wanna do that! So now I have an updated list of what I’ve written already followed by what I want to write. I don’t want to do a rerun or something equivalent to a clip show this early on!

Okay. I’ve noticed that recent tv shows I like have cool little mysteries to solve and gaps to fill in. Example, when you hear about one of the character’s tell a story about graduation, you start to wonder about all the others. Also, some shows even go as far as to say every year, every month, ever week we ____. National unofficial holidays are based on movie/ tv dates, which is awesome.

I have 3 pages in my “action binder” for weekly/ monthly/ yearly things I need to/ should do. I decided this is a better boss for me than a mouse or a remote control.

To be known for something like that is something I‘ve always wanted. There are certain parties every year, certain nights at a club or a bar or even food that a person can be known for. Imagine getting people to eat a certain soup every week. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t eat corned beef & cabbage any other day.

I want to own a bar just because I have spent many drunk nights with friends planning awesome theme nights no one has done to date. And not just a rehash of high school stuff as even the largest Vegas clubs have gone to *shivver*

There are things I do every week and now I have to nail each day in a paragraph so I don’t go on for 20 pages, which I could. Funny, when I blog it’s about getting it under a page. When I do my other writing I flesh out everything to a goal of 3 pages of 2 columns.

Roughly every week: every morning the first thing I do when I log online is to check 2-3 job sites to see if there’s anything of note. It’s tougher, I’ve already applied to most. reapplying is starting to make me look like a joke. I also write everyday, up to 3 pages. I don’t go to sleep until I pound out 1 double column page.

Weds: I designate your hump day as my Monday. My local library is closed Sun-Tues, thank you Mayor Jackass. So I usually go on weds or Thurs, drop off movies and books and get next weeks batch. I try like hell to get 3 books or less, depending on pages, so I don’t just skim books but read thoroughly. Also the alt weekly newspaper comes out. Still tough for me to comprehend, but easy to remember as I bike past a convenient stand on the way back to the condo.

Thong Thursdays: After uploading my twitter pic, HAAH, it’s become something of a Vegas day. I look at the Las Vegas Sun online, I watch Vegas PBS week in review, I go thru boxes of crap papers and put them by year into 15 labelled boxes. My big focus is on 2 of those boxes, the rest I file as I go so it’s easier later.

Friday: It’s a big “going out” nite. There’s a social dancing group that meets, lessons are cheap compared to a studio. It keeps me in check with getting “out there” not just for applying or groceries. And it’s exercise. There are a lot more people with dancing with the stars and all the other dance shows. But the ratio of women to men is still 5:1, I love those odds and age bracket younger than mine.

Sat: May be big for you, but I hide in my bunker from the zombie invasion with all the shopping, rude and crowding hoards of consumer rats out of their weekday mazes. I clean, vacuum and loathe when I have to go out for cat food. I have a bin I throw papers/ receipts into all week. I go around the condo, throw everything (else) into it and go thru the box to stop shit from accumulating all over the place. I try to fill one moving sized box of crap that someday someone will help me take to goodwill.

Sun: If I’m done, I read and watch more library DVDs on this day. I go online and catch up on my weekly checks: e-mail, you tubes, etc. This is my detailed hot face wash/ shaving day, so my face won’t be red for a new applying week. I try to post something on eBay if I’m not deterred by lack of bids all over.

Mon: My FRIDAY, because everyone is at work, mostly. I take out garbages and recyclables and do dishes so kitchen is clean for grocery day. I do bills, buy cat food and see how much I have after for groceries. Sometimes panic. I’m supposed to be blogging to you on this day.

Tues: I try to go out with “no plans” and no money whether or not there are job prospects. Sometimes I go to book stores to check out the ones I want but can’t afford to buy. I go for a longer walk or bike ride than I usually do every other morning. I go away as far as I can and then I’m forced to work out harder getting back. If I ever get a job, I’ll return to titty/ taco Tuesdays. A great Tues is when I have money go eat somewhere new in the afternoon, in a near empty restaurant bar (job exploring) and enjoy owning the place.

So what are your weeks like?

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