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Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

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Hot woman on beach cruiser: She has black hair, often braided or pony tailed and wears black jeans. It was magical the 2 times I was also biking and we got to riff at an intersection waiting for the light to change. She’s kinda punk in a way that doesn’t want to be associated with mall punk. What makes her hot? She smokes as she pedals around the area.

Postal carrier: this rotates, but they make the same mistake somehow. I’ve gotten mail from my neighbors, so how much of mine is getting misplaced and not returned? You do NOT fuck with my Netflix! Even I know how the apartments are arranged in the mail caddy, it’s not difficult. Mail has reduced since the internet and I imagine they get bigger routes. Still, I put a post it note with my name and address inside his access side. So on days I can catch him (no women), I can return my neighbor’s mail and comment about my clear, identifying note.

Guy with broom. There’s a major intersection between the strip mall and big mall and there’s a guy that sweeps the piles of dirt that accumulates by the islands of the intersection. First I thought he was come kind of custodian for the strip mall, but he has no uniform and it’s a plastic house broom. If he’s looking for handouts, he doesn’t have a cup. I imagine he has OCD or some restless energy that brings him out. He doesn’t seem to put the dirt in some sort of bin, he’s left a few large piles of dirt after he’s done. Hm.

Pet walkers: My teeth are jacked up, I admit. A lot of people wonder why I’m serious or smirk. I don’t like smiling. One thing that gets me instantly smiling despite my self- consciousness are pets. I look down and smile at the doggie that’s being walked until I peripheral that the owner knows I’m cool with the animal kingdom.

Some people do it out of obligation, like they’re doing it to get out of the house of who “really” owns the dog? Tough, but felt that before. A lot are elderly who are also going for their walk, really. I’m good at saying “”hi/ hello” to people in passing, but they’re usually always first. I suppose little kids are too. Kids and elderly, they don’t have the superego shield the middle-aged have.

Garden neighbors. There are a few, they have elaborate plants in their small apartment yard. Some have garden decor, put up little fences or have a couple of iron chairs and a table. I like them all! I expect to see a little old woman out drinking tea. But one yard, there was a beer belly old guy drinking the appropriate beverage for said gut.

The part-time punk girl at the can bank: This woman had cool aqua blue straight neck length hair when I saw her. Last time I saw her, it kinda faded out, but I didn’t see anything that could be natural root color growing out. Or was it blonde? She walked her dog, wore a tight tee and jeans. I’m secretly jealous of people who alter their appearances to let you know that they have never worked in an office, retail or any business with a family friendly dress code. for whatever reason, you may be imagining a stocky butch chick and that’s this woman’s surprise. She’s kinda medium build and girly without being hammy or wannabe about her. If she orders a shot of bourbon at the bar she’d be at her most optimal.

This could very well be the first of an ongoing series. I’m practicing writing about some other neighbors at the moment, as well as past roommates *shudder*


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What side are we on?

Writer’s blog, bardate 66270.66

When it comes down to it, I think I have 2 choices when I blog, positive or negative. I have, online before isolated people when I rant because it’s usually in the form of “us vs. them.” I get bombarded by things society pushes on me all day that I put up with, but then I go online and perpetuate it by bombarding you. And I do realize that you may have had nothing to do with the things that get pushed on me all week and that my frustration may come out of nowhere to you, even setting you off when our beliefs differ.

I am confused and troubled on how to get out of “the situation I‘m in.” But I find that this is a constant, even when I was employed, even when I had things I don’t now. So I look to all kinds of things I hadn’t considered before, try to look at things from another point of view. Try to find out how to enjoy where I am in life without comparing now to when things were better or what others have “more of“ than I do, an impossibly can’t win standard.

Realistically, a lot of other points of view I checked out have just proven themselves to be exactly as stupid and narrow-minded as I imagined them to be. Then there’s a middle category, where I can understand where they’re coming from, even though my belief is still different.

Each issue has sides to it. I was going to write a blog a few weeks ago on how we’re conditioned to think everyone is an asshole. And I’m not even getting into a discussion about politics, religion or sports, which I put in the order I thought had the most effects to society. See, you may already be thinking different here.

TV or not TV: I may be about 5 years too late for this, but since I started writing in this blog regularly for a few months I suppose I can chalk it up to “back story.” I didn’t have cable tv since I spent a week horrified of 9/11 reports. I allowed myself to be sucked into the fear, and yet I still wasn’t frightened into voting for Bush (either time). I haven’t had broadband for a while til this January, since I scored it for cheap, less than $20/ mo (netzero.net), a couple bucks more than they offered for their dial-up that I put up w/ a few years.

I don’t watch a lot of tv, what I rent on Netflix are movies and tv shows that I factor from the “best of” what I’ve missed in the past decade I was partying in Vegas.

Before that, I believed in a “future’s future.” That meant I liked all the Star Trek Shows. And I’m not talking about the freaky aliens, I’m talking about how races of Earth were together, going out discovering & helping other cultures w/ their problems. There was a hierarchy for organizations you could believe in. Trek may have had corrupt people in systems, but whether you were Federation or Klingon, or whatever, you didn’t think the organization itself was in shambles as the organizations that basically run our society.

It’s interesting to look back to see what the future was supposed to be. When Star Trek was on, the future didn’t have anything to do with “reality tvkim kardashian, jersey shore type shows. It wasn’t led by socialites in trouble with the law, the paris hilton, or lindsey lohan, or the celebrities battling with their weight and botched cosmetic surgeries. It’ didn’t have anything to do with drugs, food and water supplies that we couldn’t trust. Nor did it involve power, electric or the gas that runs our vehicles to get more expensive, resources that was not only running lower, but polluting our planet. It didn’t have anything to do with all our electronics being networked on a new system, this internet, that is far more unstable that governments themselves have been hacked repeatedly on it. We’re all supposed to be logical scientists with tricorders working on “higher” levels of problems.

I have my interests that are often in the minority I admit. When “everyone” likes something, I find a reason to pick into it’s popularity, aside from being middle of the road, bland, sold out, the corporation that sponsored it, made in China, etc.

But, I’m trying. I look back and at every job, I’ve gone along with the others, I picked my battles. I put up with a lot of shit, but then find myself in a position that when I finally need something people don’t rally behind me to help me out, as I’ve done time and time again for them. I read psych books that say, if people bother you so much, stop hanging around them. This isolates me. I’m supposed to go out there into new environments to “network,” and find new opportunities, that I reluctantly do every week.

And by the way, are the unemployed sitting at home any less anti-social than going out with your friends every night to have your head stuck in an igadget?

I could write a supplemental list of sides of issues that I think about every day.

Next week, I’m considering writing about my cat. I think she deserves some blog time. And hopefully it’ll be a happier topic, for my head.

Any other topic suggestions?

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Good Ol’ Ramblin Blog

Writer’s blog, bardate 66259.45

I don’t feel like organizing a blog this week, so you’ll get the rock skipping around topics this week, as long as it’s too long to tweet.

I’m addicted to the Adam Carolla pod casts. He does complain a lot, but in the most entertaining way. He’s good at drawing some obscure or forgotten thing we all get to parallel his points. I love the out of context sound bites, or “pulls.” I love the talk shit about the news items. Since I can’t get Howard stern in a decade, I miss that. Sick of and a little furied by the newscaster drones that smile about the bullshit they report about.

There’s some disciplining I need to do. Unemployed and even people who work at home are guilty of this. We get so used to everything being on our own time, so used to changing what we’re doing on our every whim that we get sidetracked with a lot of loose things on our desk at the end of the day.

I spend a lot of time making lists, writing, condensing a lot of things. Maybe in my efforts to curb my physical hoarding, I may switch to written thought hoarding. I can’t help it. I have discovered that my whole family hoards a lot, they each have a half-dozen collections of something. In one case, so large, they were interviewed on the news (record albums).

Regarding my bardates, that was something I came up with at the opening of the Star Trek Experience. I worked for now defunct Paramount Parks at the time and I was present at the opening. I discovered I can’t find a lot of digicam pics I took for years because my camera back then randomly reset it’s “master” number count. Maybe it was when batteries were removed for x amount of time? So, numbers were reset and windows 98 appeared to fuck my shit up. Oh-

I had to have gone thru my drive one day to pull pictures and got the prompt if I wanted to replace a file with the same number or not. That version didn’t offer to tack on a (1), (2), etc after. So I lost dozens if not hundreds of pics that were saved over other batches. It’s why I carry disposable cameras for pictures of people “with me” and “hot chicks” while I use the digicam for “scenic” pictures and people I don‘t know. And now, photo developers are starting to phase out their film developing machines! Damn, Kodak. They’re struggling, so instead of saving the dying format for us with film, they sell it off for it to dissolve. Digi has always been shittier quality.

Even movies at the theaters are all going digital. When our country’s “best directors” go with this and not fight to at least keep the rep theaters with film, we’re all fucking doomed. In a decade film will be black market shit and this kills me with all the other American industries doomed by computers.

I’ve been trying to focus on good things, although I just ranted. I’m focusing on spending less time that annoy me. I watch as little TV as possible for the best, classic things I need to see on PBS and my netflix cue. I have to watch the best things I can because I read Netflix CEO is interested in streaming and cable channel and wants to give minimal effort into the only DVD home delivery service I like, until it will die out.

Just go with the times, you say. I have no problem doing this if the “change” is an actual improvement. All this new crap is either 1) rehashed old stuff, 2) “technology” that is basically, buy this new thing to move all our old stuff (pictures, movies, computer files and games) to. And it’s in 3-D that makes your eyes hurt. And you have to buy all the accessories and monthly subscriptions.

I don’t want to buy an I-anything that you know will be an obsolete “patch” for next years model. You used to be able to buy something that lasted over a decade that stood on it’s own, not networked to something. I want my future “things” to maintain that standard, alright? And I don’t see a lot right now that can get past my “around in 10 years” standard.

The lottery I wanted to write more about, but I want to limit my second-parters. I’ll turn it on it’s ear into something else sometime.

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I saw you in an alternate reality the other day…

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve read a lot articles about what we were promised in the future. After the 50’s we were supposed to all have jet packs and hover cars. Honestly the way people drive on land vehicles now, I’m kinda happy about that. And I’m still scared about a commercial airline smashing on my apartment- NO! better yet, space junk crashing down on us.

In movies like 2001 & Blade Runner, they imagined technologies that were cool (as well as greenhouse acid rain), but apparently couldn’t predict how companies were bought out or even became obsolete before their fictional dates.

In 2011, I kept seeing society turn apocryphal pretty quickly having watched admittedly too many documentaries and politics. I easily imagined the U.S. turn into a Mad Max future, or like Robocop or Aliens. Corporations and governments are with a bullet on displacing it’s citizen majority to live a rag tag homeless life.

The past couple of years, I also saw the world turn Battlestar Galactica re-imagined, a world making itself vulnerable by networking our monies and our own thoughts online, to be hacked or preyed upon by auto searching technology. Remember the 80’s-90’s, when all the futuristic gadgets people had were autonomous and not dependent on a pricey monthly to use? Corporations, did. It was influential on me wanting to wean off the net, certainly not to post under my real name or “too much” personal information.

Being unemployed, I had to battle with the internet every week. I get paranoid about putting my social out there and all my personal info when too many company sites are hacked. When I first got online in 1997-ish, the net was a place you could post with friends and have world wide web diaries. Now businesses suggest I network more to find work or even make money online, which also means professionally. I can’t have a profile that (potential) employers can read that has my rants about many, many things.

Now, facebook takes every words you type as market research, finding out what all your “interests” are, even recommending ads based on what you type. As much as I hate illiterate typos, I’ve intentionally misspelled brand names on fb when I’ve visited, just to throw off their ad filters. Last time I went to my dusty account, it was to lurk, pull private message information and just see what others are up to. I don’t feel like posting much. In fact, I want my words to mean more than ranting comments. It was a bad road to go down. It’s why you’re reading this.

Before I moved to Vegas, one of my favorite tv shows was Star Trek Next Generation. Aside from the weird aliens that may have dented ruined their dramatic credibility, I loved that it was a streamlined ship. It was clean, the crew was efficient and represented the “best” people of cultures getting together, exploring their world (universes). Even on the Enterprise, people were not on the net all day, although the bridge crew did watch quite a bit of their big screen skype.

That’s what the future was. In my writings, I was reminded I was at Star Trek experience the night of it’s Grand Opening and the week of it’s closing. I had been to the employee offices and got a tour of the computer systems and access areas as a ride mechanic visiting another sister park, at the time. To walk thru the most efficient version of the future I saw affected my nervous and respiratory systems. In movies when incredible things happen to people, if they don’t react like I did that first time on the bridge of the Enterprise, I call bullshit on their green screen acting.

As you may read, I allow myself  Netflix as 1 monthly frivolous entertainment, aside from my web access. I have a post it note on my monitor frame to remind me the internet is a tool, not a toy or “hangout.” I am currently watching Vegas CSI and wondering what to rent after that, what I could benefit the most of. I decided to cue up voyager after as best representative of my situation. I have been in a rut.

I rented a random Voyager dvd from the library and for the first time saw the crew members as individual parts of me and how they work together to get the ship where they want it to go. I’m a big fan of ship captains, space and sea. P.S. I have problems w/ how Voyager wrapped everything up too neatly. I do love Korath in the finale, he was the reason what there was a Klingon Encounter at the Experience. But they shouldn’t have come home, just as the demand to know what happened to the Passengers and crew of the S.S. Minnow kept Gilligan’s Island popular for over a decade after the series.

Next time I’ll have to blog how this helped me control time and space.

did you see the Superbowl?

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Hang in there, Netflix

Let me start off by saying I lerves me dem Netflix and was pretty concerned about it’s problems last year. My take on that was I was a DVD renter who wanted to be left alone from all that combo subscription, name changing for DVD “section,” streaming drama. Netflix was created and built on DVD rentals, let streamers deal with different netflix name & accounts.

When they offered the combined streaming package, I was able to enjoy it for a bit until we gave up dls for cheaper dial up after I left my last job. I didn’t like streaming because I was a fan of the extras and they offered no such options, just the main movie/ show.

I have online access as a necessity for news and job searching. I designate a limited block of time I allow myself to go on, which is tough for someone who’s home so much to discipline. Netflix, my 3rd bill, is the only entertainment I allow myself. I don’t have drinking, drugs or even fast food money. I have the 2 movie option, so I’m watching a movie while the other is in the mail any day (except of course Sunday).

The schedule I pick is a “3 rotation.” The “A” show is Vegas CSI. I’m in 7th season right now. It gets me thru the week just to see the timely transitions. CSI started when I did in Vegas. And even in establishing shots, I can see the Stardust eventually black out, the Wynn being built, Palazzo, etc. I love the timely copter shots, as well as picking out the Clarita inconsistencies (when they film in Santa Clarita). It reminds me of what Vegas has that California and other places don’t. I hope Netflix and/ or USPS lasts this year for me to continue getting DVDs.

The “A” show I have for mostly hour shows with more than 4 seasons. It takes me awhile to plow thru them, so I have to like the show, each main character and learn something from it. I plan on rotating original Twilight zones after. I can view an entire series in order, something I couldn’t do by any other means, really. Not red box, not the library, not Blockbuster. No more Tower.

The “B” show I pick are usually ½ hour shows and a lot of shows I wonder about that last mostly less than 4 seasons. I have discovered Conchords, the IT Crowd and other gems of shows this way. Most of them I have heard of before because they have a lot of improv comedians in them. Someday I may wind up in Southern California for an education in the dozen or so comedy groups that fill most 1 camera shows.

I force a “C” movie in the rotation, basically movies I haven’t been able to find or check out form the library. I haven’t gotten to movie series yet, mostly I’ll rent theme movies in a row, like movies from Judd Apatow, Wes Anderson, etc. When I’m done w/ CSI, I’l get a jonsing for Vegas movies and I have a slew of them on my cue, since I’m now relegated to appreciate Vegas as a fan from afar.

Also, I’ll want to do celeb streaks, of movies I haven’t seen them in but heard of. John Cusack movies, Vince Vaughn, John Malkovich, Christopher Walken, etc.

The library allows me to check out more movies than I can watch in a week. Movies are random, occasionally I’ll see a season of a show that I’ll take a chance on and have no idea what the quality is. I allowed myself about 5 DVDs I really wanted to see and a couple experimental ones. Maybe movies. There’s a good actor, but I haven’t heard anything about this.

Movies have a subplot that is never explained on the cover. I’m not so much into all those parent movies, or even dating movies. Will they won’t they is so worn out, I root for them to not hook up. I was actually happy when Nick only gave Norah a fingering. She should have at least blown him.

I look for inspirational movies about where I am in my life right now. Dealing with unemployment, dealing with being on my own. Dealing with an existence where I feel stuck. I even rented eat Pray, Love and saw parallels of how I saw Vegas. It was the best decade of eating in my life. And bar hopping. And single livin.

I allow myself a DVD a day, it keeps me from watching idiot tv or “too much” news, which I just get bent out of shape from. No matter what I rent, it will NOT be an idiot movie. It takes consistent discipline to not rent something to “see how bad it is,” even if it’s free from the library. I slipped once and endured hack cliched Burlesque. Lesson learned.

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You got Dick Sucking Lips?

I don’t have a net phone, which will be a whole other blog. And I haven’t used/ borrowed anyone else’s, I usually have to leave when people stick their head in their phone for 20 minutes when we’re supposed to be hanging out.

I think I scored a major achievement since I got my library card last summer. I managed to get high-speed internet at home for $18/ mo & a trial price for $10/ mo for the next 6 months on top of it, absorbing the installation/ hardware fee.

So last night I whored all the streaming I missed in the past couple of years since I last had it and over twice the price. I made a new bookmark folder w/ all the movie sites I could think of.

Let me just say, I know people are making money from you tube videos. I have a camcorder, I want to do this. The sad part is, my talent pool of friends are 600 miles away. So that leaves me. I don’t mind being in front of the camera, but honestly, people want a cute girl hosting. They get the access to interview most celebs and blogs that promise to show their almost exposed nipple.

So I need to save for a home green screen kit and amp up production value that way. I have a lot of ideas from my biggest inspirations. Action, location, lust and a couple of other things is the formula I see working.

Viral videos used to flood the net for tv exposure. Last night I realized that most tv shows try to do that one 5 minute bit that will get viral as a “free” commercial. It’s strange reverse engineering like fast food chains pushing their way into the food truck scene. It’s like people thinking Charlie Sheen had a meltdown instead of realizing Hollywood enablers made him the most paid man based on his lifestyle and got pissed when he used the money to take his work home & on some porn star junkets.

I got caught up on some tv bits I don’t get reception for, like Craig Ferguson. I’m now listening to Adam Carolla’s pod cast. I was on you tube for 3 hours easily, backtracking my subscriptions and adding a handful more I could think of.

And porn. Yes, porn. Gotta say, Brazzers is my favorite company since the AVN AEE conventions. I think porn stars are marketing geniuses. If I had a vagina I could put on a coozie, I’d do it. Hilarious and practical and there’s a pun in there.

I got caught on other sites that clogged up my old dial-up, like MySpace, that old site everyone left for facebook. I will go every week to support it, just as I’d go to K-Mart & Sears if I had the money. I’m for the old school struggling that was a bigger part of our lives before robbing the vendors and customers became the practice.

I think I’m going to binge on this internet buffet until Saturday. Sunday, I dust off my eBay selling account and trying selling @ Amazon. I see on the news how Craigslist has become the new portal of robbing people in their homes, forget that. I’m going to sell things I can stuff into the USPS all you can fit boxes since people seemed to be buying again according to last xmas.

While I have been finding advantages in my situation, compared to the working drones, I need to make money. Last year, I looked for work 4-5 days/ week. This year, I’m scaling down that time vampire down to 3 days. 3-4 days to make money online and if it works, I’ll go 5-6 days. We’ll see how long that lasts. I hope it’ll get me on my way to machete-ing my one damn credit card.

It’s great to have DSL again, it’s like the universe opened up a little possibility for me again.

I planned on doing Netflix next time. Or should I go with web phones?

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