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What are some good scary DVD rents for October?

Gotta admit, I’m a huge fan of (ye olde mail in) netflix! I want to support the USPS from being shut down by a certain political party who only wants to raid their 70+ year pension fund requirement after it fails from such impossible business model.

I was raised during the era of comic book mail ins, I fell for and to this day still satisfied at all the little toys I got in the mail for under $5. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail, even if- especially if it’s a card with actual hand written sentiments? Not talking about batch texted, “merry xmas day everyone!” (didn‘t get you anything).

So I mastered a 3 day plan, theoretically if I mail a movie back every day, I should always be receiving a movie 6/ 5 (on 3 day weekends like this) days each week.

I decided to have my 3rd Scary movie Rocktober. One year, I made the mistake of thinking it would be fun to rent documentaries and was actually horrified that rivaled my final cable binge the week after 9/11. Some of you know this, so bad I haven’t had cable since.

The second year, I decided to see movies I call “red corn syrup” films, hokey and knowingly fake so I could enjoy it. I had to avenge that horrible industry/ political docu year. It did make me more aware and a physically present activist, but whew. I focused on classical movie series like Chucky and got to appreciate not only Freddy, but the messages of those that fought the evil, good and bad. Even the bad movie had redeeming qualities, like inform other kids how to deal with, and organize with others to combat the fears (Jason) presented. More importantly, how to exploit the weaknesses of predators, even though you’re scared shitless at the time. Freddie, like Dr. Cox in Scrubs has a reputation of being an asshole, but they’re actually teaching a lot of resilience and facing different levels of cowardice and avoidance.

So this year, I have rented a bunch of movies/ shows that have been awesome so far. I know awesome gets overused, but it’s tough to find a new word/ phrase that society doesn’t whore out until it means nothing. “Feel good!” “amaze balls!” “A love letter to….!” “coming of age!”

With a choice of 2 odd families, I passed Munsters for The Addams Family. I loved the reboot movies, although the rap element was on the dark side of hokey, which is odd in a supposed twisted movie to that bent. Cant’ beat the original? Is it a victim of http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SeinfeldIsUnfunny ? It had a case of “it’ll warp society!” And now, it’s completely tame and may even be relegated to quirky in today’s standards.

Creepshow series! I LOVE this, I’m on disk 2 right now. Everyone from the early 90’s is in this and also, how the hell did I not know anyone with HBO in the 90’s to be exposed to this?! And apparently on myspace, it was before the netflix binge watching era where everyone recommends a dozen different series “you should see.” Again, I’m hoping some pre 9/11 movies make a comeback before all this dark anti-here dad/ entitled socialite crap. The bad guys were as homicidal, but their trendy wardrobe at least makes them hilarious (blonde afro Mohawk!?)

Monster Squad! I loved this, another example of movie/ series released just in the last 5 years that I hope get popular, beating current popular trends.

New Scooby doo! First of all, best cartoon in the category of youngn’s exposing greedy old guys who control people with fear to profit from them. Wish they would go to congress, amirite people? Well this incarnation is aware of it’s own tropes, has more suspects and red herrings and is actually difficult for even us old folk to figure out. Although, I have seen a couple fo random elements you couldn’t even guess (I.e. pictures being developed and only revealed when the baddie is revealed). and apparently there’s a series arc that addresses actual problems with local economy?!  from all the people around town they exposed. Deep.

Walking dead & Grimm. I saw a whole season of each of these (random library season rental). With walking dead, I need to go back and see season 1, so it’s like a prequel to me. I got into both and decided to pick this month to get caught up. With walking dead, I think a nihilistic side of me likes the elimination round of characters that apparently can’t be brought back after they’re killed. New info flashbacks are okay, but certainly now meeting someone new that is a RINGER for them! That’s bullshit.

And there are others, I’ve already gone on. What good Halloween movie (series) and tv shows are good to see?


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Winter has begun

Blogdate: 121209:21

I feel like Marc Maron, I’m going to start off with another apology. Of all things, I should have blogged about my favorite holiday, Halloween. Or the importance of voting, which turns out people realized and waited in line hours, even after the polls closed 8:00 pacific. Us poor people really sick of millionaires writing policy to screw us, in laws, at work.

So here we are, a week-ish before xmas. I’m already thinking ahead to new years. I remember the feeling of that countdown, the hopes and looking at the bright lights and people kissing off the old year. Even the biggest pessimists look forward to the hopes of a new year. I wonder where best to celebrate. Normally, I’d love it to be Fremont St. in Vegas, but it’s a bunch of 80’s glam rock bands. I always chicken out from San Francisco because where am I going to sleep after? The damn public transportation will shut down when the bars do, not hours after as it would be convenient to us holiday binge drinkers.

So, I have been twittering, you guys got to see some of those posts. I love twitter, I honestly have been on my other evil twitter pundit profile. I spew out all my anger from the news there. It’s a neat little Pandora’s box of anger to rage in like a Klingon.

My search for work bounces between 3 categories: 1) regular bullshit applying, which is a ridiculous ritual at this point but I have to keep doing it to do it; 2) searching for ways I can make money online, thru writing and selling shit and somehow developing a base site that I can have tons of ads to annoy you; 3) I pick a city every week to research, not only for work but for the culture.

Can I bear it politically? Is public transit a nightmare or cutting age around the clock? Not cut to shit by the budget. Is there burlesque and rockabilly there? Are there fun, annual events? What weather calamities will I have to face? Freezing my ass off? Humid, rainy mold? Stinky, dehydrating heat and sand storms? Floods, tornadoes, tsunamis? It gets a bit superficial, but where I live should be planned like a vacation. Basically, can I stand the people there?

In no order, I have or still am considering in no particular order: Albuquerque, NM, some blue county in Arizona if not NM; southern California, honestly Hollywood for the comedy clubs and improv classes, maybe Buena Park a close second. I love Knott’s Berry farm even though I have odd non-statistical and hopefully outdated feelings about the surrounding neighborhoods;

Also, I’m considering with a friend in a place I’m not naming right now. It’s complicated to get to. But we talk a lot. She keeps me from going insane, as I breakdown a lot of nights in anguish at my unemployment. She’s the only 1 left to listen. It’s not so frequent, now. Books make me happy, learning about business, history, etc. Books are another blog.

What else? Don’t know if I could bear deep red Texas, but Austin would be the place, if any. I wish Seattle wasn’t as cloudy and gloomy as my mind is convinced and people try to convince me not; I don’t know about Oregon. I saw Portlandia, it’s quirky. If the area is like the show, I might as well live in Berkeley for the same thing, closer.

I made a landmark achievement: I paid off my 1 credit card of $750 limit, yes without a job, selling crap and somehow staying above my weekly groceries and utilities. I don’t think I succeeded some weeks. So I’m trying to save now. I believe I can afford a bus trip 1 way to any place in the country, maybe beyond. But I need to save up more since I’d probably rack up my card on the way there, let alone staying wherever for even a week.

As it looks, now, I need to put myself in a situation of someone’s couch. It’s horrible for the host and the loser on the couch. I don’t really know how it can work. Once I’m on a couch, I’ll have no way to get back, no security in finding a job unless the “friend” knows “everyone” in town and can hook me up. And if I run out of money, I’ll be away from the rest of my possessions I could sell.

My breaking point is in 2013. I have to get a job, leave this condo and live my own life. I’m so worn out, I really deserve a break since I work harder than people with jobs.


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Server/ waiter/ restaurant spoilers alert!


Last night I had a server dream. Butt, it wasn’t the traditional server nightmare. Okay, if you’ve never served in a restaurant, I’m probably going to lose you. One of the last things I do is name the blog, so I can “overview” the whole episode before I post, so this will have to have something of a… warning?

I’ve been watching Nightmare on Elm Streets for Halloween. I don’t think it’s helped or hindered my sleep, that’s always been rough. Those of you that live alone can attest you can do whatever you want to, whenever you want. And this is compounded by being unemployed. I decided the middle of the night was the coolest temp of the day and the quietest from neighbor annoyances out front or banging shit around outside my window when I’m laying trying to sleep.

So, the dream: I was in a restaurant I hadn’t been in before and I usually sketch it out when I remember it. If you enter the 2 metal bar handled windowed doors, on the left are a couple of rows, the 30’s and 50’s, my station. Restaurants each have some numbering system for their tables that often don’t make sense. And they are often mixed when tables are added or a wall modification affects the table count, etc.

The 30’s are a long bench and 4 deuce tables that can be formed to 2 4-tops with 2 people at each having to use chairs. The 50’s are a row behind the chairs that are 2 4-top tables and 8 chairs. If you follow that left wall to the left, you’ll come to the dish washing area where there was no one present in the dream, of course. A server could triangulate this slump was between 2-4:00PM. I’ve worked in restaurants where shit is allowed to pile up til someone arrives 4:00-ish, which makes no sense. I’ve even worked places where I had to wash my own shit being a late lunch server. Doesn’t say much for the quality of this place in my dream.

There were things to learn on the menu and I didn’t notice any type of buffet or salad bar setup, but it “felt” very much buffet style. Water glasses were the yellow plastic tiny cobblestone patterned glasses, you know the ones. They retain the smell of bleach. The soda glasses were those curvy glasses, they have about 4 wavy “rings” around them. Very detailed dream.

I do know that I was out of server shape. One thing a server can rely on is that soreness during training. Tray or plate carrying builds those forearms. There is no sitting in a 6 some odd hour shift and you feel it in your calves. If you think you get a break, servers know you usually don’t. If you decide to sit at the small dumpy employee table that no one cleans (including cigarette smokers), you’ll be sitting for about 5 minutes because your food is being made 95% of the “break.”

The silverware was that cheap thin crap. And I’ve worked with wedding banquet utensils that have weight and heft to them, steak serrated dagger knives with big wood handles a baby can’t wrap their fingers around. THAT’s silverware.

The coworkers were- surprise- not much help. I think I have dreams like this to enhance my ability to adapt and do things on my own, but the reality is that real restaurants ARE like this. And that’s sad because these are the first people to ask you to cover their shift before you even get on the schedule.

I had a couple of tables. I did good on one table (2 guys, one had a kid) and on the second, it was 2 ladies who wanted 2 sprites and everyone and their fucking mothers got in my way to get back to them, especially people in other sections giving me their prebus shit before I could get the 2 sprites in my hands. I got the expected stiff, I was actually surprised I didn’t get the new penny- “the nickel of shame.”

There’s a video game that’s the closest to serving procedures. It’s any game with Flo. She started with a diner, but then got into games with weddings and cruise ships and resorts. The problem is you can get into a groove, but then shit speeds up a little. Remember that video game Tapper? You just sling beer, go to the next rows where people are coming in. Occasionally you run down the table to haul in tips. This is the mistake Flo games have. It gets faster and you wind up slinging shit for speed.

These games are totally unaware that as soon as you get in a groove, one customer will stop you with 4 plates of food to lecture you as long as they can about he straw paper bit that was at the bottom of their soda glass that they flagged some other server for.

As downer as this may read, I was happy to have this dream. I was serving again, at least. And shakedowns are always a hassle for a week, then you start pulling in the TIPS instead of making your trainer money. That’s actually time to try all the shit you wouldn’t do because they get stiffed.


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