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Busy is bullshit

There was a time when someone said “I’m busy” I’d start to ask them about their schedule and they’d get evasive about it. The point of debate by definition is time they have to do the thing they’re making excuses not to do.

I could go on for a page about this, but the point is, I usually find out “busy” means someone went home and marathon-ed a tv show or dicked around online the night the thing was going on.

When someone is “busy” I have since learned to not whine, debate or try to convince them why this thing is great to go to. There have been times I found out they saw the movie or tried the restaurant or did the thing later, anyway. So I have stopped asking people to places, mostly just events that have a limited window if not night. We all know you have that night off and we all know you have the money to go out, from the little things you buy that are so cool.

So, me not writing in this is also bullshit for the same reasons. I haven’t been “busy,” there have been down times.

I have been making some money doing small jobs or projects for people, enough to pay off my credit card again with a vow to not blow it all again in a few days.

I have been doing a lot more getting out to not stay in the condo which has always been some mental self-defeating area. The internet does that, too. Research for a project seems to turn into how someone failed at it and quit or did much better at it because of their connections, their area and even the people in their area that I have admired from afar in doing such similar projects.

And it’s almost too much to continue since this place is a huge ironic ghost town of internet trends. This is the heart of silicon valley and I spend a majority of my weeks looking for small groups of collaborators that do similar things I’m interested in doing (that also make money) like they do in southern California. Of course everyone is at home watching a screen instead of out in the real world where I’m trying to network. Funny, I also couldn’t find any local go getters in some online community, either. I’ve searched for as many years. the big glaring exception is the Maker faire I went to! That’s a whole other blog(s) I’ll def. write.

I have also been trying to spend less time online. So I have to reallocate my time in reverse and start with writing sites and less on the passive, watch the update wall scroll with the irritating news mixed with pics to calm me down, which usually consist of pin-up girls or baby animals. Occasionally vintage cars.

I have to structure my blogs more, so I’ll end this with a teaser. I thought I’d hit Santa Cruz the first day it breaks 100 degrees in the valley. I may lower that number just so I can get over there. 95? 90? I want a beach day, but I also want to continue my downtown adventures. I used to be all over that area with my cousins when I was over there for spring break when I was little. It’s a tradition that I considered doing this spring break.

But I was busy, coordinating a wedding.

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