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Worth a Greyhound, or I ain’t gettin on no plane!

I spent a long time mentally debating to what degrees or categories people do things they wouldn’t do “at home,” as I found myself fall for certain things. I have talked to people for years about this exchanging an admitted mistake per. I was hoping things would be competitive, not a sweep.

Historically, I seem to be able to go to Santa Cruz and San Francisco for the most part without runaway incident. However, I did make some glaring regrets without doing things in Santa Rosa, Lake Shasta and Squaw Valley. trips to l.a. depended largely why I went and who with. I wasn’t likely to do anything off the rails on a theme park trip, but I went “to the eye of the hurricane” when I went to club, dance or strip clubs. And the few times I’ve flown, I managed to get really hammered waiting for the plane.

I managed to even pinpoint the first calculated risks I took on a trip “for the story.” It was Chico, a town so small, it was only known for a mall, tubing the river and having sex with sororities. Go Sigma Alpha rush week, oofah.

This topic avalanched in my head when I found myself last weekend wondering what the hell happened to Motel 6 and how cool all the renovations are. I looked online and now they all supposedly look like a retro 60’s tomorrow projection bachelor happening pad. I managed to make a sensible decision and still- there are a lot of women authors that talk about traveling and having “love affairs” and even a series of one nighters. These books also make the top of chick lit charts, if not have bad lifetime type movies made about them. So I can be empowered by my adulty adventures too!


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Hand me new beers, everyone

New Year’s blog, resolution date 140130:21

Daemn! One of my resolutions was to blog more, but January was a busy month trying to finish loose ends and make plans for the month/ season/ year. I didn’t even get to write about what I accomplished in 2013- and it was a lot! And it was a year that was actually difficult for me to let go because I got back into my stride on living life.

So much has been going on, I’m going to split off to what may be a minor tangent or an indefinite recurring theme. I have been comparing music/ songs/ albums to movies a lot lately.

A movie can be dated, get stale, get old, even it’s period-ness can be cringe worthy.

But music, it IS the same thing each time you hear it, but people hear one song thousands of times in their life and even develop an aversion to listening to a live version of it with the frailty of original band members.

I have been watching so many movies, I want to trade something for an elliptical to replace my bike ride exercise. I happen to live in a high bicycle accident and theft area. I never want to lock my bike up anywhere and I drive on the sidewalk. I’d rather deal with pedestrians bitching than cars barreling towards me.

Over and over, I read about how the millenials have little if at all any ambition to get a drivers’ license or a vehicle. I think cell phones ruined that. Why buy an expensive car when someone checking a text can plow into it at any moment? It’s why I hope we NEVER have flying cars. People are not ready for it. Imagine drunk driver plowing their hover car into the roof of your house!

In December, I rented kid’s movies and I continued that thru January. It doesn’t help to try to cut back on dvd checkouts when the library got their January budget and now I have rented many, many kids films that don’t have any scratches on them. Kid’s films have been traditionally the most abused discs. I spend more time repairing and cleaning them so they don’t mess up my player.

It seems to me that I like movies previous to this era in what I can only describe as Pre 9/11 Clinton era. Film makers had a different tone before all the terrorism darkness themes. Movies weren’t overdone with cgi. Action scenes weren’t so fast and farfetched that they lost my interest within the length of a commercial.

Also, I have been watching more animal documentaries. Even though they fall to the reality show syndrome of engineered plot lines, I still watch them. There’s a lot to learn from animals, from their family units, to their “tribes,” as well as their hunter/ prey relationship with other species. It shows me how people are different or in ways corrupted. At least humans for the most part don’t eat their young.

For Feb, I want to watch a lot of chick flicks, from rom coms to princesses, to action girl films. All of them. I imagine I will groan a lot, see all the bad messages I’ve read about princesses.

I allowed myself to have a library vice, but I got my first warning I’ve been over doing it by the only thing that can: the library computer that says I maxed out my allotment of checkouts.

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Comedy Podcast Therapy

podcast blog, stream date: 131209:20

Maybe last year, I dabbled in podcasts from comedians I enjoy (and in one case I actually didn’t). Keep your enemies closer, that bothered me. Some days I have to analyze them, try to figure out what’s going on. If I do that, the realization becomes I’m obsessing on them, so I cut ties. And then I question my behavior because I quit. I hate when people quit over something as lame as a disagreement. Aren’t there married couples with opposite political beliefs? How do they do that?

So each podcast I listened to had a guest that led to another. The obvious barometer could be do they have cool guests? Yeah, I listened to those. But then after a few, I pick an episode where they don’t have guests or in some cases even a co-host (if they have one). Could they carry the ball on their own?

I have over 30 pod casts, probably approaching 40 that I’m listening to. It’s clearly the talk show format that tv and terrestrial radio failed to give us. Commercials are like stds and I don’t want to get infected by a lot of those big retailers. Podcasts if they have ads, venture into online ads, the “new frontier.”

Online businesses that don’t have brick and mortar and don’t at least appear to be outsourced outside US are still a big mystical quality to them. And yet these magical online businesses also contribute to massive unemployment in the US. Production is automated or outsourced to sweatshops that don‘t have unions to protect minors/ employees rights. Technology IS replacing the American worker.

Books have become the education I can afford. The vocational classes I want to take cost $hundreds, while their books I could still check out or buy at a fraction. I just don’t get the degree. But all those people with degrees working fast food and retail aren’t much of an incentive, either.

The more pod casts I listen to, the more I hear that people “in the business” had parents that were in it. They took their kid to work one day and they were caught in the spell. Comedians seem to come from a few places and honestly, I’m reasonably past the point to be in a male a capella group in NYU.

Celebrities always talk about how lucky they were to get that first big break. But they lived in l.a., where agents and bookers hang out at comedy clubs on their night off. Every child that makes the news because they did some incredible thing had parents that put them in a certain school, or contacted make a wish whose business it was to call around to broker people looking for charitable publicity.

I always look for those that haven’t gotten their break yet and have plucked away at their trade for over a decade. When I hear about someone who finally made it, I can believe. Those fictional sports movies/ shows are such bullshit to me. It’s fake, they didn’t win anything!? The script said so, of course they were confident, there were no actual stakes!? Even if it’s a recreation the actors are too pompous. Each minute on the field, it’s adrenaline. You never know if you make those last critical points. You can make the best shot and still lose the big game and all your support groups disappear after that.

Podcasts let me know people are still plucking away out there. Many celebs wind up talking about what they talk about with therapists. With the guest and the host trying to figure out what those dry spell problems are, what they mean.. Hey, free therapy for me as I ask the same questions.


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Here and Now

philosopher’s blog, perspective date 131022:11

Yesterday I went to a thrift store, or as I call it the living museum of failed and broken consumer technologies. Levels below antique stores and convention booth hierarchies. I’ve had many visions awake and dreaming of using my next van to be one of those vendor circuit guys, looking for a cute to be my vendor booth babe.

The merch (and the dated store music) triggers all kinds of lost memories when you see something you haven’t seen since you were little. I’ve had to dig a lot of piles of mental dirt to look back on the jobs I’ve had, to analyze experience and also learn from when I’ve failed. I take the good and bad and use it in my notes to list my body of experience or to look for drama “write what you know,” as I try to figure out life’s experiences for my writing projects.

It’s strange that we’re closer to “retirement” age closer than our first jobs. There are people who don’t need to retire because they managed to make a living off their hobbies, what they love. With my life, I’m still looking at least 3 more businesses to join and leave or watch close. I’ve been told my birthsign is the detective and director, who not only has to figure out the main character, but all the other characters, places and objects on the board, where they came from and where they’re going.

Zen, everything branching from here, now, to the past and future. To worry over, or to be enjoyed and planned like a vacation.

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Airborne Turkey Day

Trainer’s blog, reserve date: 131011:16

I had a dream that I went to Bonnie springs and they needed help.

I actually wanted to apply there before and went as far as to talk to employees there and the woman at the hotel “in the real“. They do have arrangements. It was definitely a fantasy place, even when it gets frosty in the winter. I could imagine bringing pig cloth or hay out to help keep the animals keep warm over winter. I even worry about them not being there when I read reports online about winter in the Red Rock valley.

They hired me and apparently I had specialized in this at some point, working with animals before.

Cue the montage where I’m teaching turkeys how to fly. Last time I was there, they had 2 turkeys they were taking care of. They were somewhat domesticated and allowed me to approach, feed and pet them.

In my dream I was trying to get them to exercise their wingspan by acting out opening my wings: a cape. Kinda sit com-my, but it was serious in the dream. Then I brought all kinds of flying birds near them to demonstrate, like pigeons. I held them as they expanded their wings.

Cut to me trying to get a hawk to cooperate and it didn’t go so well. I think Hutton did a better job hosting falcons.

I wasn’t trying to teach them to fly right off, I was trying to get them to exercise their wingspan and flap their wings to build up muscle thru exercise. I couldn’t really chase them, but I did have to figure out how to get them running and flapping on their own volition. It did involve removing all their food containers and instead stringing a large plastic open container and dragging it filled with food for them to “pursue.”

I knew I was making progress when they were drinking more water. I joined them with my cup of water and I imagined we were sitting around like an office coffee break, looking around, breathing reflectively.

Should I say spoilers? It’s not that I got turkeys to fly, but they did get leaner, stronger and any time someone walked by with an ax, they were able to properly defend themselves.

And then Bonnie herself, in her walker, led me over to another area where they got some new residents from the recently closed Vegas Zoo: Ostriches. (I don’t know if the ostriches happened in real life, but the Zoo was closed.)

When I woke up, I thought this was a dream about thanksgiving coming up. Over the past few years I have decided that Columbus day would be indigenous Veterans day, or Native American reparations day, where I go some place to enjoy fry bread, and debate whether or not to include endangered buffalo meat dish. I’d probably sub plain ol’ popcorn.


As I typed this, I’m realizing what else it could mean. And that it came from my own mind is a definite kick in the pants that I have to use.

Every Thanksgiving, I want to not eat Turkey. But I have volunteered at kitchens and of course it’s the main attraction of the day, it seems like an insult to not eat the main course that mothers/ parents have waited in line to feed their kids. If I didn’t volunteer, I wouldn’t eat turkey. I even gave up my favorite turkey bacon when I limited meat on my diet. It was easier after reading about the usda articles.



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The Ending (if you want Spoilers)

Last blogs, Finale date 201308:19

I think since the Battlestar Galactica reboot, I purposely won’t get involved in a tv series until it’s over.

For some reason, now that everyone is getting all trope savy, we all want to know about that Finale. Will a new show even make it to the end of a planned season? Theoretically the end of the 4th season is the “100 hour” mark. Once it makes it to syndication, how is the series going? Is it deep into the season’s drama? Did they develop a good Big Bad for the season or better yet series?

It’s so tough to get a movie made with all the development hell steps, the worst thing a movie could do is blow it in those last 10 minutes. You can’t even get a sequel to make up for it if it doesn’t generate enough interest (income) to make one.

People can get hooked on the BEST series and then it’s ruined with the series finale. While were sucking Lost’s cock and critics were circle jerking around it, I kept remembering Battlestar and waiting…. And every time I hear about all the other anti- hero dad tv series, I think the same thing.

People weren’t even satisfied at the draw your own conclusion ending with Soprano’s. I read about viewers theories and apparently the foreshadowing came to the same conclusion real life did. There can be no Soprano’s reunion where Tony lives.

Also, all these dark series have taken their toll on me, albeit slower than “reality” tv did. That happened to me around the 4th season of Real World.

I can’t avoid all the tweets and articles about Breaking Bad. Is there any way the series could end that would satisfy half the viewers? The whole point is to watch the Big Main spiral into hell. What happens if they don’t do that? Or they attempt to “redeem him the right way?“ Remember the Shield?

It’s why I had to watch Harry Potters and I will have to rewatch them. That series just got better, even though 1) we know the ending (the “chosen one” vs. any evil?) and 2) it’s a collection of every English fantasy fiction trope as well as acting pool for the past 40 years. But, it maintained a quality and went out big and I have to study the success, from the first book to the last.

Harry Potter is apparently the big fluke because Rowling wasn’t known for much more (public media-wise) before that. So every time I look at a series everyone loves, I spend more time reading about what the creator has done before.

Game of thrones “guy” was known for writing before and people can look at his earlier work to try to gauge the quality of it now. And that leads to questioning if his writing (endings) have improved, or is he still trying to beat the dead horses of his earlier stuff? You know, like how a band comes out with a new album but all the songs are still the same? Do people even listen to a whole “album” anymore? At least we’re aware that many characters (that people got interested in) are going to die in the series, since there are cast of thousands.

It seems like a big deal is to have a cast of thousands, too. Simpson’s Springfield, Lost. It’s not enough to follow a dozen people on a show for some reason. A show has to have an expanded universe as big as Star Wars by the end of the first season. And yet, if the focus is shifted so much off the main characters, what the hell are people watching then?

I admit I read spoiler endings, now. It’s not to answer the big questions, it’s so I can see if those are the lessons/ answers I want or need to learn..

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Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Resident’s blog, people watching date 130802:10

Hot woman on beach cruiser: She has black hair, often braided or pony tailed and wears black jeans. It was magical the 2 times I was also biking and we got to riff at an intersection waiting for the light to change. She’s kinda punk in a way that doesn’t want to be associated with mall punk. What makes her hot? She smokes as she pedals around the area.

Postal carrier: this rotates, but they make the same mistake somehow. I’ve gotten mail from my neighbors, so how much of mine is getting misplaced and not returned? You do NOT fuck with my Netflix! Even I know how the apartments are arranged in the mail caddy, it’s not difficult. Mail has reduced since the internet and I imagine they get bigger routes. Still, I put a post it note with my name and address inside his access side. So on days I can catch him (no women), I can return my neighbor’s mail and comment about my clear, identifying note.

Guy with broom. There’s a major intersection between the strip mall and big mall and there’s a guy that sweeps the piles of dirt that accumulates by the islands of the intersection. First I thought he was come kind of custodian for the strip mall, but he has no uniform and it’s a plastic house broom. If he’s looking for handouts, he doesn’t have a cup. I imagine he has OCD or some restless energy that brings him out. He doesn’t seem to put the dirt in some sort of bin, he’s left a few large piles of dirt after he’s done. Hm.

Pet walkers: My teeth are jacked up, I admit. A lot of people wonder why I’m serious or smirk. I don’t like smiling. One thing that gets me instantly smiling despite my self- consciousness are pets. I look down and smile at the doggie that’s being walked until I peripheral that the owner knows I’m cool with the animal kingdom.

Some people do it out of obligation, like they’re doing it to get out of the house of who “really” owns the dog? Tough, but felt that before. A lot are elderly who are also going for their walk, really. I’m good at saying “”hi/ hello” to people in passing, but they’re usually always first. I suppose little kids are too. Kids and elderly, they don’t have the superego shield the middle-aged have.

Garden neighbors. There are a few, they have elaborate plants in their small apartment yard. Some have garden decor, put up little fences or have a couple of iron chairs and a table. I like them all! I expect to see a little old woman out drinking tea. But one yard, there was a beer belly old guy drinking the appropriate beverage for said gut.

The part-time punk girl at the can bank: This woman had cool aqua blue straight neck length hair when I saw her. Last time I saw her, it kinda faded out, but I didn’t see anything that could be natural root color growing out. Or was it blonde? She walked her dog, wore a tight tee and jeans. I’m secretly jealous of people who alter their appearances to let you know that they have never worked in an office, retail or any business with a family friendly dress code. for whatever reason, you may be imagining a stocky butch chick and that’s this woman’s surprise. She’s kinda medium build and girly without being hammy or wannabe about her. If she orders a shot of bourbon at the bar she’d be at her most optimal.

This could very well be the first of an ongoing series. I’m practicing writing about some other neighbors at the moment, as well as past roommates *shudder*

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An all day drunk plan turns into a life reflection?

Woke up this morning going over my plans to go to a chavela bar crawl and I’m thinking that my life isn’t much different from what it used to be or imagine it to be in my idealized future state. I don’t want what is too materialistic or outrageous, but not content with being stuck in an environment where my abilities aren’t maximized. I have had less self-destructive adulty vices that now see as a monthly/ quarterly “bonus.” In any town, I would find the cool little diner/ bar, indie music store or food festival. I continue to dodge the bullets I had in my 20’s/30’s somehow like a status quo Evel Knievel. Now, I even get to read about how people immortalize themselves (profitably) by institution, copywrite or patents. I organized some of my writings like so many legos: my experiences of jobs, hangout places, people and things, sorted by “color” and then spread among chapters to form a palatable “balance.” In fact, I’ve had more time to go thru my life’s chapters. I’ve even digging to look for more horrific life stories so my survival remains in the zip code of True Hollywood Stories. After I evaluated all the departments of life and compare it to the past, somehow I’m doing better overall? I’m not sure how to process this other than with a chicken burrito pre-flight maneuver.

I may start posting extended status updates as a small blog entry just to keep my ass writing in this. It’s a damn crime to not use this incredible portal to a world too busy reading about socialites and tv series about violent anti-hero dads to see. such entries may not be prefaced by the usual captain’s log diversion. -me

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Summertime, Back In The Day Is Now

Summer’s blog, fair date 201307:16

One of the biggest paradoxes in writing is that when everything is busy and exciting there’s “no time” to write. And when you have time, things are boring, slow or you’re depressed so it’s harder to write because you have to capture the excitement of when things were great and your consciousness was expanded, etc. And whatever good time is had, you take into overtime (over your weekly routine) as long as you can make it last, really.

Enlightenment is a frail, I believe living creature. It can escape you, it can move on or even retreat in the past waiting to see if you remember or learn from it. You can only have it alone to enjoy, briefly. It’s like when you come back from vacation. Everything is wonderful because you are glowing and people have to dial you down, reel you in, knock you back down. Society does this. Peers do this. Sit coms do this. They make sure you’re knocked back to your weekly status quo.

I got mine back.

I’ve read books on behaviors, habits and obligations. The past few years, I have gotten to do so much on my own without compromise, restrictions or obligations I often wonder how I could possibly go back to taking orders from a mentally detached shift manager and ass kissing, back stabbing coworkers and thankless customers that patronize a business looking for a cheap miracle.

But July has been a burst of 3-4 outings that have made me feel so much better about things. I did a Trek manoeuver trope and “reversing the polarity” of a problem I’ve horribly self-imposed for a few years. Confidence and assertiveness is also a complicated mesh to navigate thru, to not get snagged on arrogance or overbearing.

The whole point of this summer for me is to go back and do some of the things on my own that I couldn’t enjoy the first time, or things I haven’t done in over a decade. I did plenty of research on what is also booming business wise, so I don’t go to a “dead” events/ places. Some festivals and special events I want to be busy to enjoy.

I had a great experience going to a neighboring county fair. It captured the spirit of the fair I remembered from the past and still present with technology. It was so many things, local artists, diy-ers and farmers. So much food, so much community. And I met someone, or rather she met me. And that led to an over-nighter to next day-er. And that led to quite a second date, this time the home game. 3rd on deck…

It looks like I’m discovering and realizing my role with women I go out with, now. It’s like those post apocalyptic movies, you have the “Doc” of the faction the protag finds himself in, the sage older guy with the young cute hunter/ armed girlfriend/ partner on missions. Yeah… that’s a better place to be than these dopey fuddy duddy dads I’ve seen, silenced by their sassy house-led wife. Or worse, the anti-hero violent tendencies dad.

It’s theoretically tougher to do some things like movies and museums with all the kids out for summer, but strangely is still empty from what I remember summers to be. Kids are just home gaming and watching tv, I know it. I stay away from malls, I know they’re in there, too. It’s not even fun anymore to cruise the mall as a pick me up, passing the island of tired, waiting guys sitting with their woman’s shopping bags.

On the 4th, I went to my local annual baseball game, followed with the only fireworks show in town. I have no idea why movies can’t capture the baseball going experience. Movies have to emphasize their calculated wacky diverse team on their obligated wining season. Sit coms are locked to their bleacher set so they can get into it with the person sitting next to them. Yawnsville. There’s so much going on at a game, it’s really it’s own movie.

I have 3 plans for August for the big summer finale, including going to Santa Cruz!


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Summer Movie Bonanza, If You could See Only 1 Movie?

Cinema’s blog, matinee date 130611:16

This summer, I’ve been reading a lot, and taking notes on my favorite bits or favorite plot arrangements. I love call backs and conclusions from a spin that aren’t specifically mentioned or described, but you know from common knowledge about it and are somehow still surprised at the result.

The plot doesn’t broadcast the ending. Any team will win at the end 99.9% of the time. Any single male and female “working on her career” will hook up at the end. Most movie descriptions will tell you their main story plot, but they don’t get into the “b” plot, which I have often liked better.

I try to watch indie movies and stay away from the blockbusters with the all-star cast, all of their stories are predictable. The only time they die is apocalypse or infestation movie and then it becomes picking the order of the death/ mutated pool which is often determined by the order of billing on the poster.

One big surprise was Wreck it Ralph, what the hell is Disney doing hiring Sarah Silverman? So I checked it out and couldn’t believe that movie came from that studio, they even parodies some of their own sacred cows. I was impressed.

So, I decided to throw most modern movies out the window and in the spring I researched classic movies I hadn’t seen (on DVD). I saw some classics on vhs, but without the extras and commentaries. Blu ray promises more extras, but my personal belief is that the format will die out to streaming (or even “3-d“) before they come close to the library volume regular dvds have.

There are movies everyone quotes from that I watch and realize, this is the big deal they quote from? So I try to watch classics from film makers/ actors that have large bodies of work, mostly on the AFI (american Film Institute)’s top 100 lists. I also look at films UCLA and Scorseze try to get restred for historical value. This summer, my netflix cue  is filled with some great movies made by masters of cinema.

I am most fascinated by the documentaries, animal documentaries. One Halloween, I thought it would be funny to rent scary movies of docus, like “how the sausage is made” type. Instead, they wound up scaring the shit out of me more than 9/11 and I was paranoid to eat anything or even go out for a couple of weeks. 9/11 was what made me cancel cable and it‘s 24 hour “if it bleeds, it reads” news.

I have every IMAX film on my cue and I’m about 1/3 thru it. I decided they were the best animal docus that just graze the surface on how humans fucked the planet and focus more on animal sanctuaries, rescue and breeding.

I see a couple a week and it’s fascinating to see the animal hierarchies, how tribes or groups migrate and hunt and their roles in their groups. Many times I am envious that their roles are so defined, they have other species they’re symbiotic with and sometimes even hunt together. Somehow the animals always know who their hunters are and who their pray is. They don’t get betrayed and turned upon with some spoken or policy bullshit the way humans do.

A lot of my life and goals lately have been about doing things “before they’re gone.” It’s not out of fear, it’s out of just plain statistics. Shit will run out or become extinct in this generation, in my lifetime. I don’t know if that’s any way to lead life, but it is a way to appreciate and prioritize what I will do better. I even realized I may be happy eventually moving to a particular city that I hadn’t thought of before.

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