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VEGAS Downtown and the Strip, the adventures continue!

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I’ve waited a whopping 2 1/2 years to get back to Las Vegas. That’s a small number. How about 130 some odd weeks? 933 days is closer. Assuming I have a generous 8 hours of sleep a night for an insomniac, that’s 14,928-ish hours. I could get into minutes and seconds, I’ve felt each one crawl on in molasses time, but I already used my calculator more than I do on my accounting Monday mornings.

I wanted to write a pre- blog before the trip about the anticipation and all the packing anxieties, but eh. Everything turned out different than planned for the most part. There were a ton of things I packed I didn’t even use and a ton of places I researched that didn’t get done. The things I actually wound up doing instead was quite… limited until later on.

There were so many wonderful things about Vegas I’m happy to report about. I kept my trip under wraps for the most part until I actually went. People have their own usual things they post about and are usually focused more on that.

I suppose the bad news first, the recession continued to hit many businesses I loved and close them down. But like I noticed in the past few years, some of the big businesses I wish had closed locations didn’t, they still churn out garbage and cattle feeds off the image their commercials inundate on tv. Their commercials are on the superbowl every year and also make consumerist’s march madness bracket every year.

I originally moved away from the bay area because I got sick of seeing my favorite childhood places disappear due to change of new owners and management. I wanted to leave while I had memories in tact. I expected Vegas to be a place of change. I just never expected to be such a crusader of small businesses and get to know their families.

One thing that did surprise me was the new changes that I supported and there were many. I got to check out a lot of places I’d heard opened after I left. I now understand what locals see in Cosmo that reviews and pictures couldn’t capture online. I’ll attempt to capture it in my review.

There are so many new developments downtown and I appreciated the ones I went to. There were others I intentionally stayed away from. I wanted to go to places with the older East Fremont feelings I know, the one that isn’t being bought up by that shoe company playing Monopoly with businesses that have been there decades longer.

I’m the biggest fan of Downtown and Mayor Oscar’s attempts to revitalize it (even the big empty location that the landlord has been noted for screwing up). But the shoe company is gobbling up property that they don’t have plans for yet. And the huge, glaring red flag no one wants to mention is that said company had 3 retail locations that eventually failed- years before the recession hit.

Wow, this’ll have to be a 2/ multi part-er. I haven’t scratched the surface on all the places I went! I got to explore nips deep and it was magnanimous!

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2013 Mission Statement (about the author thing)

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It’s strange that my resolutions for the year are “more of the same.” My resolutions are really a carry over list of my weekly/ December list, really. There are degrees of satisfaction and complacency I have to beware. I must have goals I can achieve towards going where I want to and not get into another rut.

I was really surprised that I was happier than I thought come the end of last year. Surviving the second apocalypse of my life made me appreciative. While busting my ass to get hired, I actually achieved something else inadvertently. So in 2013, I will spend more time researching where to build the landing ramp, since I’ve built the shit out of the launch ramp. Still looking for the vehicle to ride across the unemployment chasm.

Continue to spend wise: I’m no longer thinking of myself as a tight-ass when it comes to spending, even when I do. What I notice when I go thru my dozen receipts every other month is that my purchases aren’t filled with the regret I had years ago. I buy shit I need and when I eat out, it’s to check out a restaurant and that’s pretty minimal. One of my biggest achievements of 2012 was paying off my one credit card without a (paycheck) job.

Eat healthier: I have done this, most of my groceries are now in the produce area. I buy as few canned things as possible (toxic lining). I reduced my meat intake to “a few bits” per meal, cutting back on preservatives and all that crap they pump into the animals. I try to eat less monocultured foods, which is the toughest thing to do along with cutting hfcs, every food has something that big farm tainted. I get craving for sweets so instead of corn syrup, I allowed myself dark chocolate or honey in it (checking the label for no chems).

Buy smaller and more local: The grocery store is probably the biggest chain I go to, California wide. Eh, I go to the (national) dollar store once every other month. I love the mom and pop shops, I go to the only couple of used book stores accessible to me. I go to the flea market every other month, “to browse.” The only thing I bought from manufacturer remains Dickies (indestructible) clothing. If I can’t buy it American, I buy it used at least, like at a thrift store.

There are other things I’ve been working on, like fuck the Jonses. The US has a strange fascination on tv it seems of following the richest people with “rich problems,” or “trashy” people “below” them (“reality” shows). People used to strive for better and I don’t know what happened. So I’ll strive for a “couple of levels” above me in terms of what I myself accomplished before.

The big goal I’ve had for the past couple of years is something of a recurring joke I’ve attacked from every angle possible and “not” tried. Applying with a history gap is shit that gets worse. The only thing I feel I make progress on is making or selling my own product or service I don’t need licenses or years of schooling for. So, my goal for the year is more related to researching more independent income methods that wind up being bullshit money-making schemes and scams.

I currently research a dozen cities demographics to see where my life can go, more importantly how I could survive until a first paycheck.

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Why I’m not in the mc icattle herd.

Someone sent me a note to ask me what exactly my problem is with Apple, so I’ll answer in “public.” couple of reasons:

1) Ever spend a weekend cleaning the house? Everything in it’s place, all sorted out, all the trash taken out, laundry done, great. Monday, you need something and… can’t find it. Where do you look? Now there’s only 1, maybe 3 places it “should” be but isn’t. Where do you look then? You have to start unraveling areas that don’t make sense. That’s my experience working on apple products in school, there was nowhere else to look when things didn’t work. Go thru the 1 customer support? The 1 help link? 3rd parties that wrote different books with the same information you tried already. They make you go thru 1 place, the 1 place that doesn’t help unless you feed more money into their machine. All your eggs in one basket. And the basket breaks. I know 3 people that have sold their audio cd collections, put it all on an ipod, only to drop it and lose everything in 1 shot. I’ll play a burned copy of my clunky cds and store the original, thank you. I don’t know any mac owners that haven’t complained to me about whatever 3rd party repair shop they had to take their laptop to, unanimously. All of them. and I’m serious about every person I know that has one.

Remember when legos were blocks? You didn’t know what you were going to build, you used your mind. Now they’re kits that only fit into that 1 thing from the picture on the box.  They expanded your mind and creativity, not limited. mcdonald’s registers have buttons of the food to make it “idiot proof.” Think, I’ll wait. Instead of an app, I’ll learn to play on a real instrument, buy a camera that’s designed to be… a camera.

2) McDonald’s was a great innovative diner once, until the McDonald’s family sold it to Kroc, leading to the “of shit” fame. Sam Walton made a great department store, until he died and the family made “a few” changes. Disney died and several CEOs later, sentimental childhood images from the movies became invasive crossover marketing collect all the hong kong sweatshop made toy marketing. The free marketeers discovered televisions were a babysitter and they said if you don’t buy for them, they will cry and you are a bad parent. Technology is a tool, not a vacuum from your wallet, which is what these gadgets do. So easy to click and buy right when you think of it. Takes (old fashioned human) discipline to make a list and prioritize what’s really important the monday after payday. It’s the practicality and basic function, not the logo.

This started off as a fb post. Long for there, probably short for what I write here. But you get it.
I’m not linking any of the brands I mentioned out of principle. there are small mom and pop places you know, imagine they’re linked and goback to them this week. I have no idea why San Bernadino came up as a tag, but there you go.

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