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Tournament of Hopes?

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I planned to get trashed last night, but I wound up being the Watcher for a drunk pack of women. Partial compensation included letting me feel up one of the girls who recently healed from enlargement surgery. Honked whenever I wanted to and I did even when I didn’t- just to do. You get that extra plateful of deserts at the AYCE buffet even though you’re full. Did you get to go anywhere fun for new years?

We woke up and watched the Tournament of Roses parade. It’s something of a tradition w/ K & her son. If I ever saw the parade before it had to have been before I ever drank alcohol, an obvious new years staple.

I was really impressed with the parade and I’ll even write with no irony that it was sweet, hopeful and inspirational. I don’t know if the themes are always positive, but the theme was Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. It has to do with the future, travel and adventure.

Oh.. The Places You'll Go !

Oh.. The Places You’ll Go ! (Photo credit: prayitno)

Being a parade float captain and organizer in Vegas (long and worth it story), I got all kinds of ideas and scenarios that ran thru my mind as the parade developed. There were a lot of things I liked about it, especially that it wasn’t a Christmas parade building up to a santa finale.

There were all kinds of things I liked: equestrians, real penguins, rescue animals! Any animals I loved. Kids and babies were kids, not the bratty hammy kids. I don’t know how intentional it was for this year or if they always did it but I liked the lack of rifle twirler rotc type groups. I also loved the charities and SCIENCE! There were floats devoted to science. People wearing lab coats are always a winner with me, especially when they are associated with the future. There was subtext that the future wasn’t based on fantasy and make-believe. You do dream things, but you work to making them happen. Damn you for being inspirational 🙂

I loved the international floats, peace in the future. I love the positive messages coming from southern California because all year all I see on the news are all the homicides and other calamities from there. I forget there are good people in the world. One of my resolutions is to drastically cut down my news at least half. Stick to Daily Show, just half hour of local news in case something happens nearby. I already stopped following most of the political things that set me off from my face book and it helps. I had to keep up on things before the election. Unemployment makes you a well-informed activist.

There were some groans, but they behaved for the most part. And this is big corporate commercials and huge logos all over everything. It was clear what sponsors made the parade possible and one company known for it’s synergy was present frequently.

I was sad that we missed the beginning and then they played it AGAIN! They do this every year? I’m so used to spending my new year’s day going back to places to get the shit that I lost from my keys, to my coat, camera- the evidence!- cell phone, to my credit card I left for the bar tab. At sometime or another I’ve lost everything once, it gets bad when they add up and you need stuff to be to work at 4:00PM.

Even though I see/ read about the barbed wire to prevent graffiti, pollution, vandalism and other mayhem, I would like to go back to L.A. for at least a week. It used to be my vacation spot in the early 90’s before I discovered Vegas. One trip was the only vacation I took FROM Vegas. I want to talk to people about where they live, there are so many burghs or districts or whatever they are.

Ah, dreams of money and vacation time.

The surprise was, the whole thing made me hopeful. I, like the United States, am tired of waging war on everything that blocks me. I picked my battles, I mostly attack “big” entities or people who make the rules/ laws that screw over my group(s). I want to spend more of this year enjoying the sides I’m on, remind myself and others why “our way” is better or has statistically improved things. Educate without drafting. If I’d ever go to Africa, I’d bring food, not bibles.

Next time I want to continue resolutions which could probably mash-up with 2012 highlights. Wow, there were some?! Yes! Maybe I’ll update my “about me,” a little grim, huh?

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2013 Resolutions

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Just looking back at what I accomplished in 2012. It went by fast and I realized that it was actually my morning mocha that makes each day go by faster. I noticed it when I ran out and made do with my green tea for most fo the week. It seemed longer, so I tried it for another week and then again. So, the lesson is no mocha until I get a job to mentally speed thru.

My spending priorities list is the same for the most part. It’s a hierarchy with the big prize still being the same: moving. Don’t know where, but I have researched a dozen cities trying to figure out where I belong. What place is as good as Vegas without the problems Vegas has? Surprisingly, there are a lot of political activist considerations, not just what fun things there are to do to continue a man-child existence, free of wife and kid obligations. My weekly/ monthly chore and expenses are also slightly reduced.

I know January is going to be something of a clearing the slate month. I want to order 1 book/ week from amazon, but the proviso is I’m arranging all the books I own to feature a shelf of what I haven’t read. For some reason I can read 2-3 library books/ wk, but my mind for some reason says I can read my books anytime later. They don’t get read. So I’m not letting myself to take on more amazon or library books until I finish mine, that should same me money for 2-3 months at least.

I have to write. I’m not doing it. I want to blog twice a week: maybe Tuesday/ Fridays? I don’t know what to consider on what 2 days to pick other than if you work mon/ fri to Monday will be too busy. I have no other real reason/ obligation to not make it 2 other days.

Sadly, I’ll miss my 3rd porn convention, the AEE AVN expo in Vegas January 😦 I have been on a split plan thinking mode for things. I want to go to the viva rockabilly the 4 days up to easter. If I get a job, I’ll likely be scheduled thru it and too new to ask for the time off. But there is another option that’s more likely, sell my ass off on amazon until then. I’d only be at the mercy of the U.S. Mail, but would be able to go early and stay late hopefully.

A big accomplishment of 2012 was paying off my 1 credit card. So the goal will clearly be to stockpile savings and not do something to put me in the red again, which could be the expenses of moving/ setting up residence wherever. I know I cannot jump into it like last time since I’ll have no safety net “longer than I want to.” that’s a phrase that’s crept into my planning lately. (How long) can I work at a shitty job “longer than I want to.” It keeps things in perspective, since I get stuck in shitty situations, always “longer than I want to.” Can I deal with that? If I can’t then I can’t take the chance anymore.

Online: this is a big one and this week actually helped. Tv shows I stream and podcasts didn’t provide fresh content. There were some I missed and others I decided I could get along without. Because I don’t have a web phone, I’m good at not being online all day, but I still want to cut down the hours at night I look things up. I wish there was a net plan that says I get 10 hours a week at some scaled down rate. But it’s why cell phones don’t log how much accumulative time you’re on it and why cable doesn’t let you buy the 15 channels you watch, they wanna gouge us.

Guess I need to go overtime for a 2 parter. Let’s shoot for Tuesday… night? I think I’ll be hung over, sleeping something off.

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