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Worth a Greyhound, or I ain’t gettin on no plane!

I spent a long time mentally debating to what degrees or categories people do things they wouldn’t do “at home,” as I found myself fall for certain things. I have talked to people for years about this exchanging an admitted mistake per. I was hoping things would be competitive, not a sweep.

Historically, I seem to be able to go to Santa Cruz and San Francisco for the most part without runaway incident. However, I did make some glaring regrets without doing things in Santa Rosa, Lake Shasta and Squaw Valley. trips to l.a. depended largely why I went and who with. I wasn’t likely to do anything off the rails on a theme park trip, but I went “to the eye of the hurricane” when I went to club, dance or strip clubs. And the few times I’ve flown, I managed to get really hammered waiting for the plane.

I managed to even pinpoint the first calculated risks I took on a trip “for the story.” It was Chico, a town so small, it was only known for a mall, tubing the river and having sex with sororities. Go Sigma Alpha rush week, oofah.

This topic avalanched in my head when I found myself last weekend wondering what the hell happened to Motel 6 and how cool all the renovations are. I looked online and now they all supposedly look like a retro 60’s tomorrow projection bachelor happening pad. I managed to make a sensible decision and still- there are a lot of women authors that talk about traveling and having “love affairs” and even a series of one nighters. These books also make the top of chick lit charts, if not have bad lifetime type movies made about them. So I can be empowered by my adulty adventures too!

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