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Airborne Turkey Day

Trainer’s blog, reserve date: 131011:16

I had a dream that I went to Bonnie springs and they needed help.

I actually wanted to apply there before and went as far as to talk to employees there and the woman at the hotel “in the real“. They do have arrangements. It was definitely a fantasy place, even when it gets frosty in the winter. I could imagine bringing pig cloth or hay out to help keep the animals keep warm over winter. I even worry about them not being there when I read reports online about winter in the Red Rock valley.

They hired me and apparently I had specialized in this at some point, working with animals before.

Cue the montage where I’m teaching turkeys how to fly. Last time I was there, they had 2 turkeys they were taking care of. They were somewhat domesticated and allowed me to approach, feed and pet them.

In my dream I was trying to get them to exercise their wingspan by acting out opening my wings: a cape. Kinda sit com-my, but it was serious in the dream. Then I brought all kinds of flying birds near them to demonstrate, like pigeons. I held them as they expanded their wings.

Cut to me trying to get a hawk to cooperate and it didn’t go so well. I think Hutton did a better job hosting falcons.

I wasn’t trying to teach them to fly right off, I was trying to get them to exercise their wingspan and flap their wings to build up muscle thru exercise. I couldn’t really chase them, but I did have to figure out how to get them running and flapping on their own volition. It did involve removing all their food containers and instead stringing a large plastic open container and dragging it filled with food for them to “pursue.”

I knew I was making progress when they were drinking more water. I joined them with my cup of water and I imagined we were sitting around like an office coffee break, looking around, breathing reflectively.

Should I say spoilers? It’s not that I got turkeys to fly, but they did get leaner, stronger and any time someone walked by with an ax, they were able to properly defend themselves.

And then Bonnie herself, in her walker, led me over to another area where they got some new residents from the recently closed Vegas Zoo: Ostriches. (I don’t know if the ostriches happened in real life, but the Zoo was closed.)

When I woke up, I thought this was a dream about thanksgiving coming up. Over the past few years I have decided that Columbus day would be indigenous Veterans day, or Native American reparations day, where I go some place to enjoy fry bread, and debate whether or not to include endangered buffalo meat dish. I’d probably sub plain ol’ popcorn.


As I typed this, I’m realizing what else it could mean. And that it came from my own mind is a definite kick in the pants that I have to use.

Every Thanksgiving, I want to not eat Turkey. But I have volunteered at kitchens and of course it’s the main attraction of the day, it seems like an insult to not eat the main course that mothers/ parents have waited in line to feed their kids. If I didn’t volunteer, I wouldn’t eat turkey. I even gave up my favorite turkey bacon when I limited meat on my diet. It was easier after reading about the usda articles.




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