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Yesterday I went to a thrift store, or as I call it the living museum of failed and broken consumer technologies. Levels below antique stores and convention booth hierarchies. I’ve had many visions awake and dreaming of using my next van to be one of those vendor circuit guys, looking for a cute to be my vendor booth babe.

The merch (and the dated store music) triggers all kinds of lost memories when you see something you haven’t seen since you were little. I’ve had to dig a lot of piles of mental dirt to look back on the jobs I’ve had, to analyze experience and also learn from when I’ve failed. I take the good and bad and use it in my notes to list my body of experience or to look for drama “write what you know,” as I try to figure out life’s experiences for my writing projects.

It’s strange that we’re closer to “retirement” age closer than our first jobs. There are people who don’t need to retire because they managed to make a living off their hobbies, what they love. With my life, I’m still looking at least 3 more businesses to join and leave or watch close. I’ve been told my birthsign is the detective and director, who not only has to figure out the main character, but all the other characters, places and objects on the board, where they came from and where they’re going.

Zen, everything branching from here, now, to the past and future. To worry over, or to be enjoyed and planned like a vacation.


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