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An all day drunk plan turns into a life reflection?

Woke up this morning going over my plans to go to a chavela bar crawl and I’m thinking that my life isn’t much different from what it used to be or imagine it to be in my idealized future state. I don’t want what is too materialistic or outrageous, but not content with being stuck in an environment where my abilities aren’t maximized. I have had less self-destructive adulty vices that now see as a monthly/ quarterly “bonus.” In any town, I would find the cool little diner/ bar, indie music store or food festival. I continue to dodge the bullets I had in my 20’s/30’s somehow like a status quo Evel Knievel. Now, I even get to read about how people immortalize themselves (profitably) by institution, copywrite or patents. I organized some of my writings like so many legos: my experiences of jobs, hangout places, people and things, sorted by “color” and then spread among chapters to form a palatable “balance.” In fact, I’ve had more time to go thru my life’s chapters. I’ve even digging to look for more horrific life stories so my survival remains in the zip code of True Hollywood Stories. After I evaluated all the departments of life and compare it to the past, somehow I’m doing better overall? I’m not sure how to process this other than with a chicken burrito pre-flight maneuver.

I may start posting extended status updates as a small blog entry just to keep my ass writing in this. It’s a damn crime to not use this incredible portal to a world too busy reading about socialites and tv series about violent anti-hero dads to see. such entries may not be prefaced by the usual captain’s log diversion. -me


2013/07/27 - Posted by | Single malts

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