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Why I’m not in the mc icattle herd.

Someone sent me a note to ask me what exactly my problem is with Apple, so I’ll answer in “public.” couple of reasons:

1) Ever spend a weekend cleaning the house? Everything in it’s place, all sorted out, all the trash taken out, laundry done, great. Monday, you need something and… can’t find it. Where do you look? Now there’s only 1, maybe 3 places it “should” be but isn’t. Where do you look then? You have to start unraveling areas that don’t make sense. That’s my experience working on apple products in school, there was nowhere else to look when things didn’t work. Go thru the 1 customer support? The 1 help link? 3rd parties that wrote different books with the same information you tried already. They make you go thru 1 place, the 1 place that doesn’t help unless you feed more money into their machine. All your eggs in one basket. And the basket breaks. I know 3 people that have sold their audio cd collections, put it all on an ipod, only to drop it and lose everything in 1 shot. I’ll play a burned copy of my clunky cds and store the original, thank you. I don’t know any mac owners that haven’t complained to me about whatever 3rd party repair shop they had to take their laptop to, unanimously. All of them. and I’m serious about every person I know that has one.

Remember when legos were blocks? You didn’t know what you were going to build, you used your mind. Now they’re kits that only fit into that 1 thing from the picture on the box.  They expanded your mind and creativity, not limited. mcdonald’s registers have buttons of the food to make it “idiot proof.” Think, I’ll wait. Instead of an app, I’ll learn to play on a real instrument, buy a camera that’s designed to be… a camera.

2) McDonald’s was a great innovative diner once, until the McDonald’s family sold it to Kroc, leading to the “of shit” fame. Sam Walton made a great department store, until he died and the family made “a few” changes. Disney died and several CEOs later, sentimental childhood images from the movies became invasive crossover marketing collect all the hong kong sweatshop made toy marketing. The free marketeers discovered televisions were a babysitter and they said if you don’t buy for them, they will cry and you are a bad parent. Technology is a tool, not a vacuum from your wallet, which is what these gadgets do. So easy to click and buy right when you think of it. Takes (old fashioned human) discipline to make a list and prioritize what’s really important the monday after payday. It’s the practicality and basic function, not the logo.

This started off as a fb post. Long for there, probably short for what I write here. But you get it.
I’m not linking any of the brands I mentioned out of principle. there are small mom and pop places you know, imagine they’re linked and goback to them this week. I have no idea why San Bernadino came up as a tag, but there you go.


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