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About the Author, from August 2011

[I’m going to write a new “About the author, since the goals in this one aren’t feasible anymore.. -me, in the present]

My mission statement involves hooking you up with freshly slaughtered blog at the beginning of each (business) week. I get into too many blogs that stop updating.

I want to look back on this time of my life as a musical montage of me reading, writing and doing everything I put aside for “later, when I have time.”

I’m an unemployed pedestrian, looking for not just a job, but one that won’t suck my soul or my pride. Everyone thinks George Costanza is funny until they wake up one day and realize they’re in his situation. I currently am back in the bay area, where I spent most of my 20’s trying to move from.

I have applied for more jobs than I ever have in my life, over 400. No matter what you recommend, yes I tried that. I have learned ads are irrelevant minutes after they’re posted. I learned places I worked at are no longer there for the most part or are to far for me to reliably get to daily, on time. I already did the hour and a half one way by public transportation thing, it didn’t work. I have applied for many jobs, “beneath me,” degrading jobs and jobs I am overqualified for and under qualified. Job fairs are out of touch with the actual people hiring within the companies present and they’re largely trade school promotions. Craigslist is a great way to discover every way ads can scam you, I spent more time researching valid links than applying.

While I’m trying to figure out how to deal with a sabotaged job reference, I also look for independent work. I would love to write professionally, in a weekly, in an e-book and eventually a book in print. I researched and read about all aspects of it. I signed up for Nanowrimo.com.

Also, I can’t afford a correspondence training school I want, for a job I don’t have transportation to get to. But, it’s in high demand, easy over time and starts at over $20/hr. It’s income to a man the way stripping is for women. People will always have car problems.

My dream is to put both of my feet back on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, having just parked my own vehicle. I hope my cat will be healthy and waiting for me in our new place.


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