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If I got the handshake

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I was originally going to write about my theories on how we’re all conditioned to think everyone else is an asshole. Then…

Last night in an experiment, I left the station on that I stream, it’s a country station in Las Vegas specifically, 102.7FM Coyote.

I don’t know if you like country, so hang in there for a paragraph if you don’t. This station plays at one of my favorite places in Vegas. It also reminds me that Vegas was a frontier town, every casino used to have it as a theme I’d say until the 80’s. Seems like Sam’s town and Silverton were the last larger casinos built to continue the theme. There’s a local country station I tried listening to, but somehow, they play all the slow, depressing and random songs, another mp3 on random station. Seems like there are DJ’s at Coyote that actually care about the flow of mood and rhythms of songs, actual transitions.

So last night, I left it on when I tried to sleep. I had one of the best dreams I’d had in a long time, with the music involved. I was happy, I was having fun. I was laughing. And what usually prevents me from doing this is worrying about finding a job and having money. My dream felt like I didn’t have to worry about it. Not only that, but not worry about other problems I had when I was working. It was a rare mood I remember when I felt that home living was good, not with horrific roommates. Country sneaks up behind me and makes me feel love, I can’t explain it. But it’s about damn time something did besides my cat.

Aside from the lottery list, I have another list of goals “the way things are going,” with little/ no income. It’s basically like walking from the bay area to Florida. I bet I’d feel more progress than what I’ve been stuck doing the past couple of years. I have 5000x better thought capacity of everything I’ve read, but like college, it’s book smarts. I want to work my ass off, come home sweaty and sore and put money away into savings.

So the middle is the “if I had a job” list that I also maintain. There are few things that keep the pilot light of my hopes going, so let me feel like my income is at least in second gear for this blog, please? It’ll keep me from a negative blog.

First, I imagine I’d have to save up for a good week of whatever uniform for a week’s supply. If I serve, I’d need to start saving singles and coin for my shift “bank.”

The first way I’d treat myself is to load up on groceries and everything I’ve let run out that I need, the one time purchases. Every job I got, I started off by buying a new pair of work shoes. If I went bogo, I’d buy a new pair of street shoes, too. My shoes are so damn worn out. My dancing shoes sit there waiting to go back to Vegas. I never use my trainers (sneakers?) cause I always wear slacks when I go out to look for work, or even not so I always look ready to work and not a laundry day frat slob.

Then I’d pay off my 1 credit card. I imagine it would be easy, the balance has hovered under it’s max for a year now (under $750.) I’d dump everything I made to pay that off quick. Even at minimum wage, I could get ‘er done in 3 months, less if I served.

I want to try and get a night job just so I don’t have to get up at 4:00AM for public transit. The last thing I need is to lose a job after this long a dry spell because I’m not a morning person or someone that’s gotten 8 hour session of sleep in years.

If I can pull that, I want to then take a truck driving class in the mornings to get my class A license. It would be a bitch to get to, especially if I worked. Time zips by at a bus stop or walking, even a bicycle. I can’t blow the class or a job, or both being late.

It’s always been dangerous, even more so with the rains and idiots cell phones, but I’d consider buying a scooter to get me thru this period. Anything larger and the gas, maintenance and insurance expenses, would slow plans down.

With a class A license dreams start hauling ass. I could look for a tow truck driving job and start to make bank and it seems like easy overtime from the start.

Then I’d save up for a van most likely. Then I could sell shit at the flea market. Of course I’d have to have a weekend day off to consider that. Yeah, I hear the laughter.

There’s a lot of difficult things, stuff I’ve never been able to coordinate before, each job sucks up all your time to do anything else. That’s how they trap you from leaving.

But it’s all that keeps me applying, at least to get me to credit card paid off level.


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