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I saw you in an alternate reality the other day…

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve read a lot articles about what we were promised in the future. After the 50’s we were supposed to all have jet packs and hover cars. Honestly the way people drive on land vehicles now, I’m kinda happy about that. And I’m still scared about a commercial airline smashing on my apartment- NO! better yet, space junk crashing down on us.

In movies like 2001 & Blade Runner, they imagined technologies that were cool (as well as greenhouse acid rain), but apparently couldn’t predict how companies were bought out or even became obsolete before their fictional dates.

In 2011, I kept seeing society turn apocryphal pretty quickly having watched admittedly too many documentaries and politics. I easily imagined the U.S. turn into a Mad Max future, or like Robocop or Aliens. Corporations and governments are with a bullet on displacing it’s citizen majority to live a rag tag homeless life.

The past couple of years, I also saw the world turn Battlestar Galactica re-imagined, a world making itself vulnerable by networking our monies and our own thoughts online, to be hacked or preyed upon by auto searching technology. Remember the 80’s-90’s, when all the futuristic gadgets people had were autonomous and not dependent on a pricey monthly to use? Corporations, did. It was influential on me wanting to wean off the net, certainly not to post under my real name or “too much” personal information.

Being unemployed, I had to battle with the internet every week. I get paranoid about putting my social out there and all my personal info when too many company sites are hacked. When I first got online in 1997-ish, the net was a place you could post with friends and have world wide web diaries. Now businesses suggest I network more to find work or even make money online, which also means professionally. I can’t have a profile that (potential) employers can read that has my rants about many, many things.

Now, facebook takes every words you type as market research, finding out what all your “interests” are, even recommending ads based on what you type. As much as I hate illiterate typos, I’ve intentionally misspelled brand names on fb when I’ve visited, just to throw off their ad filters. Last time I went to my dusty account, it was to lurk, pull private message information and just see what others are up to. I don’t feel like posting much. In fact, I want my words to mean more than ranting comments. It was a bad road to go down. It’s why you’re reading this.

Before I moved to Vegas, one of my favorite tv shows was Star Trek Next Generation. Aside from the weird aliens that may have dented ruined their dramatic credibility, I loved that it was a streamlined ship. It was clean, the crew was efficient and represented the “best” people of cultures getting together, exploring their world (universes). Even on the Enterprise, people were not on the net all day, although the bridge crew did watch quite a bit of their big screen skype.

That’s what the future was. In my writings, I was reminded I was at Star Trek experience the night of it’s Grand Opening and the week of it’s closing. I had been to the employee offices and got a tour of the computer systems and access areas as a ride mechanic visiting another sister park, at the time. To walk thru the most efficient version of the future I saw affected my nervous and respiratory systems. In movies when incredible things happen to people, if they don’t react like I did that first time on the bridge of the Enterprise, I call bullshit on their green screen acting.

As you may read, I allow myself  Netflix as 1 monthly frivolous entertainment, aside from my web access. I have a post it note on my monitor frame to remind me the internet is a tool, not a toy or “hangout.” I am currently watching Vegas CSI and wondering what to rent after that, what I could benefit the most of. I decided to cue up voyager after as best representative of my situation. I have been in a rut.

I rented a random Voyager dvd from the library and for the first time saw the crew members as individual parts of me and how they work together to get the ship where they want it to go. I’m a big fan of ship captains, space and sea. P.S. I have problems w/ how Voyager wrapped everything up too neatly. I do love Korath in the finale, he was the reason what there was a Klingon Encounter at the Experience. But they shouldn’t have come home, just as the demand to know what happened to the Passengers and crew of the S.S. Minnow kept Gilligan’s Island popular for over a decade after the series.

Next time I’ll have to blog how this helped me control time and space.

did you see the Superbowl?


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