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You got Dick Sucking Lips?

I don’t have a net phone, which will be a whole other blog. And I haven’t used/ borrowed anyone else’s, I usually have to leave when people stick their head in their phone for 20 minutes when we’re supposed to be hanging out.

I think I scored a major achievement since I got my library card last summer. I managed to get high-speed internet at home for $18/ mo & a trial price for $10/ mo for the next 6 months on top of it, absorbing the installation/ hardware fee.

So last night I whored all the streaming I missed in the past couple of years since I last had it and over twice the price. I made a new bookmark folder w/ all the movie sites I could think of.

Let me just say, I know people are making money from you tube videos. I have a camcorder, I want to do this. The sad part is, my talent pool of friends are 600 miles away. So that leaves me. I don’t mind being in front of the camera, but honestly, people want a cute girl hosting. They get the access to interview most celebs and blogs that promise to show their almost exposed nipple.

So I need to save for a home green screen kit and amp up production value that way. I have a lot of ideas from my biggest inspirations. Action, location, lust and a couple of other things is the formula I see working.

Viral videos used to flood the net for tv exposure. Last night I realized that most tv shows try to do that one 5 minute bit that will get viral as a “free” commercial. It’s strange reverse engineering like fast food chains pushing their way into the food truck scene. It’s like people thinking Charlie Sheen had a meltdown instead of realizing Hollywood enablers made him the most paid man based on his lifestyle and got pissed when he used the money to take his work home & on some porn star junkets.

I got caught up on some tv bits I don’t get reception for, like Craig Ferguson. I’m now listening to Adam Carolla’s pod cast. I was on you tube for 3 hours easily, backtracking my subscriptions and adding a handful more I could think of.

And porn. Yes, porn. Gotta say, Brazzers is my favorite company since the AVN AEE conventions. I think porn stars are marketing geniuses. If I had a vagina I could put on a coozie, I’d do it. Hilarious and practical and there’s a pun in there.

I got caught on other sites that clogged up my old dial-up, like MySpace, that old site everyone left for facebook. I will go every week to support it, just as I’d go to K-Mart & Sears if I had the money. I’m for the old school struggling that was a bigger part of our lives before robbing the vendors and customers became the practice.

I think I’m going to binge on this internet buffet until Saturday. Sunday, I dust off my eBay selling account and trying selling @ Amazon. I see on the news how Craigslist has become the new portal of robbing people in their homes, forget that. I’m going to sell things I can stuff into the USPS all you can fit boxes since people seemed to be buying again according to last xmas.

While I have been finding advantages in my situation, compared to the working drones, I need to make money. Last year, I looked for work 4-5 days/ week. This year, I’m scaling down that time vampire down to 3 days. 3-4 days to make money online and if it works, I’ll go 5-6 days. We’ll see how long that lasts. I hope it’ll get me on my way to machete-ing my one damn credit card.

It’s great to have DSL again, it’s like the universe opened up a little possibility for me again.

I planned on doing Netflix next time. Or should I go with web phones?


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